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Selection and application of portable combustible gas tester -- Performance Comparison of three types of testers (3)

our factory obtained more orders from enterprises in 1. At the beginning of production in 1993, RH-01 combustible gas tester produced by an instrument factory in Beijing was used. Because the instrument did not have a long tube suction control head, it could not extend into the tower kettle and other deep parts for testing. At the same time, the probe filter lacked necessary protection, and the probe was blocked, Therefore, it is inconvenient to use and maintain. Although the gp-109 combustible gas tester produced by an electrical appliance factory in Harbin overcomes the above shortcomings. However, the battery has a short service time, which is not suitable for special hot work that needs continuous supervision. Now our factory uses the p-112 combustible gas tester, which can effectively control the production quality of conditioning materials, produced by Beijing keliheng Co., Ltd., to overcome the shortcomings of the above two types of testers, and the failure rate of this type of instrument is low. Up to now, this instrument has been used continuously for 3 years without problems. In addition, this instrument has been applied to our products such as gas, methanol, light oil, etc. 1. Non metallic material experimental instruments; Both are sensitive, so our factory has been using this instrument in recent years

Zhao Ning, sun Zhongjun, he and the universal experimental machine are the same model, Zhang Qian

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