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The pressure of raw material inventory is escalating, and coatings are forced to reduce prices

people in the industry know that for architectural coatings, the main downstream demand market comes from the property market, and the hot property market can always bring the most exciting hope. Known as the "barometer" of the property market, the Shanghai Autumn Housing Fair ended in a hurry on the national day, but the on-site trading volume was only more than 200 sets. On the one hand, it was a large number of visitors, on the other hand, it exceeded the trading volume of such a downturn in history

the downturn in the real estate market is also a "weathervane" of architectural coatings. In fact, as early as July, from the actual situation of a group of coating raw material dealers in East China interviewed by Huicong coating, it points to a fact: from the throughput of large raw material dealers, the demand for raw materials by coating manufacturers has been going down since July. It can be seen that the output of downstream coating plants is still at a low ebb. Previously, the majority of coating enterprises in China's key coating cities also believed that such an adverse situation may affect the "golden nine and silver ten" of coatings this year

from the perspective of the property market in first tier cities such as Haihai and Beijing in October, whether in September or after the national day, the thickness of the upper electrolyte layer is about 500nm, "golden nine silver ten" has become "copper nine iron ten". In fact, the demand in the paint market is not strong, so the pressure on raw material inventory is great, resulting in forced price reduction

relevant people said that under the attack of the real estate market, it is difficult to realize the recovery of paint sales in terminal stores and elephant building materials market in the past half of the "October", especially after some paint enterprises were blindly optimistic about the "golden nine and silver ten", while the production and supply increased, the sales volume may not increase significantly, and the paint market may face the curse of "copper, nine iron and ten". Fair differentiated market positioning

a large number of commercial and civil residential projects last year, as well as the affordable housing projects planned this year, let the coating enterprises see the huge demand of the downstream. Driven by this favorable news, it is the massive expansion of powerful large-scale construction coating enterprises, as well as the desire of small and medium-sized enterprises behind it. After the rapid development of Chinese coating enterprises in 2010, the output has been greatly improved. Our experimental machine has done the best in Jinan in terms of the standard of production, sales and service protection, so as to firmly occupy the throne of "leading output". However, there is a hidden danger in this. Therefore, the distance between the markings is also different: almost all Chinese coatings are sold domestically, that is, they completely need to rely on domestic sales to absorb such huge production capacity. In fact, the capacity surge of Chinese coatings, especially architectural coatings, in 2010 was largely driven by the central government's 4trillion yuan and a series of economic stimulus plans, while China's real estate is generally considered to be one of the industries that benefited the most from the 2010 economic stimulus plan

unfortunately, although there is a large number of rigid demand in the real estate market, the rising house prices, loan and purchase restrictions, and the high CPI, coupled with the government's crackdown on real estate, many property buyers fall into the mentality of "unable to afford" or "holding money and waiting" looking forward to the price reduction. The government, real estate developers and property buyers have always been out of the checks and balances of multiple games, and the house price is still very "strong". The limited price guarantee of the real estate market means that the supply of commercial housing has to be reduced, and the deeper meaning is that the use of architectural coatings has been sharply reduced

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