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on August 26, the fourth working group (safety control system) of the National Machinery Safety Standardization Technical Committee held the 2020 working group meeting, namely the national machinery safety standard symposium, in Ningbo. The conference was hosted by the National Machinery Safety Standardization Technical Committee and co organized by pirci industrial automation (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Ningbo Weicheng Technology Co., Ltd., Ningbo market supervision administration and Ningbo Intelligent Manufacturing Association. The meeting mainly discussed and reviewed three draft standards: Design Guide for safety control system of machinery safety, design principles for emergency stop function of machinery safety, and safety requirements for protective system of mechanical safety fence


group photo of the guests

director Li Qin and Secretary General Zhang Xiaofei of the National Technical Committee for standardization of mechanical safety are applicable to various physical and mechanical property tests of plastic plates, pipes, profiles, plastic films, rubber, wires and cables and other materials, including material development, deputy director Cheng Hongbing, deputy director Wang Xuezhi, director Ju ronghua, consultant, and from enterprises, universities Many experts from the Institute and other institutions attended the meeting and participated in the discussion of the standard

Li Qin, director of the National Technical Committee for standardization of mechanical safety

the design guidelines for safety control system of mechanical safety and the design principles for emergency stop function of mechanical safety are prepared by pierremagnet. Therefore, the discussion part of these two standards is presided over by Allen Xu, the consulting and training manager of pierremagnet. In a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, the participating experts actively participate in the discussion and actively express their opinions. In the collision of professional and professional thinking, we have achieved fruitful results

standard discussion site

pirci consulting and product manager xuwenchao

since entering the Chinese market, pirci has actively participated in the national standardization work. As early as 2004, pirci joined the National Machinery Safety Standardization Technical Committee (sac/tc208), becoming the first foreign-funded enterprise to join sac/tc208. In 2015, pirci applied for and was approved to undertake the work of the safety control system working group (sac/tc 208/wg4). Under the leadership of the sac/tc208 Secretariat, pirci actively performed the duties of the working group, gave full play to its professional advantages, and worked hard to promote the publicity, implementation and implementation of standardization work and related achievements, and its achievements were obvious to all

in order to promote the popularization of mechanical safety concepts and technologies in China, pirci has developed a perfect training system from entry-level to expert level. It is the most professional and systematic mechanical safety training course in the industry at present. Users can choose according to their own knowledge structure, build the knowledge base of safety automation in the fastest and most efficient way, and the certification certificate of expert level courses, What's more, users who have obtained the ability in relevant fields have no choice but to purchase expensive imported products for official certification. At present, the number of users who have obtained CMSE certificates in the world has exceeded 6000. Pirci also provides customized training courses, that is, tailored and targeted training courses according to the current situation of the enterprise, which can apply what they have learned and help relevant personnel realize the integration of theory and practice from fixture 1 to practice

Pearce magnetic machinery safety training course system

Pearce magnetic hopes to help designers better learn gb/t 16855.1, easier to design a correct safety control system, and promote the implementation of relevant standards through the formulation of the design guide for mechanical safety safety control system

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