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Pirci: configurable small controller with industrial information security function

when it comes to selecting operation mode and managing access rights, the tensile strength and elongation of the main test data can be configured small security controller PNOZmulti 2 can now handle additional tasks related to industrial information security and mechanical safety: as a system solution, PNOZmulti 2, combined with the reader unit pitrader in the operation mode selection and access authority system pitmode, can realize comprehensive access control and function safe operation mode selection. This function has been supported since PNOZmulti configurator, a software tool in version 10.12

the system solution is composed of a small controller and an operation mode selection and access authority system to ensure that the production process on the machine is safe, efficient and user-friendly at the same time

manage access safely and more economically

pnozmulti 2 is combined with the reader unit pitrader in the operation mode selection and access authority system pitmode to achieve efficient access management. Its new feature is to connect up to four reader units pitrader to the basic unit PNOZ m B1 of the small controller PNOZmulti 2. Therefore, it is now even possible to safely manage interconnected machines. This is an economical solution because it minimizes hardware costs

the options of this extended system solution range from simple machine specific sub function enabling and authentication to complex hierarchical permission matrix. Therefore, access rights can be configured in a user-friendly way through high-level manipulation protection. This simplifies operation management, and users will also benefit from reduced machine downtime

worry free operation mode selection

using functional blocks based on the properties of composite materials and pitrader, the safe operation mode selection on equipment and machinery can be easily configured as PL D/SIL Cl 2. A new feature is that you can choose between two convenient application solutions - perform safe operation mode selection through buttons or touch panels. In both types, the right to select the operation mode is granted through the reader unit pitrader and the appropriately configured RFID key

option 1: save space and hardware

when selecting the operation mode through the button, you can use the standard button. Pilz's new multi button component pit oe4s provides users with added value: it includes up to five operation modes. These operation modes can be selected separately by four separate buttons on the multi button element. This space saving solution can be integrated into the operation surface. 1. The protection of the material change experimental machine is the supplement and verification of DSC, infrared and X-ray fluorescence. In this way, there is no need for other separate buttons. For this type, the safety related assessment of the operation mode will be carried out through PNOZmulti 2. This type is usually an economical alternative because it does not involve the additional cost of visualization hardware

option 2: distributed devices

or, when users need to fully control their devices, they can implement safe operation mode selection through pirci's operation and visual terminal pmivisu. This version of touch panel is especially suitable for distributed devices with long separation between multiple workspaces

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