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Pirci industrial automation was unveiled at the 2007 Shanghai Industrial Expo. From November 6 to 10, 2007, the five-day China Industrial Expo was grandly held at the Shanghai International Expo Center. The "Industrial Expo" held six major professional exhibitions at the same time, of which the industrialautomationshow is about comprehensive solutions for industrial automation, production and process automation, electrical systems, robotics An international event of industrial it, manufacturing informatization and micro system technology

pirci industrial automation (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. participated in the "industrial automation exhibition" of the Industrial Expo. With this platform, pirci showed users in various industries the star products in its product series, including PNOZ safety relay, PSEN sensor and PSS programmable safety system

at the booth of pirci, pirci, as always, showed the successful cases and integrated solutions of pirci products in the steel, machine tool, wind energy, automobile, metal processing and other industries to the majority of users and many guests, highlighting the product advantages and great potential of pirci to provide comprehensive solutions for a wide range of users

there are two exhibition areas in the booth, which are PSS programmable safety system exhibition area and safetyeye exhibition area. The PSS programmable safety system exhibition area simulates an automobile stamping line, which is composed of a press and a logistics line. After the press is finished, the machine arm takes away the processed stamping parts that are wrapped around Cui Lixin in the sleepless night and places them on the logistics line, and then transports them to the next station through the logistics line. Its safety control system is completed by Pilz's high-end programmable Safety System PSS. The control unit of the system is psssbeth-2, with a safety bus safetybusp interface, up to 4096 safety input and output points. In addition, it also has an eth-2 interface, which is used to communicate with the man-machine interface and send relevant information in the safety system to the man-machine interface. The input and output modules of this system adopt psssbdi16, psssbdi808 and pssu modular field modules respectively, which introduce the safety input and output points such as emergency stop button, safety door and safety light curtain into the safety bus. We use pmiv338 to simulate and display the stamping site. Once the external safety input device is triggered, the press, robot arm and logistics line will stop running

safety its motion law conforms to the sinusoidal waveform. Eye is the world's first safety camera system that can be used for three-dimensional area monitoring, stay "During the exhibition, safetyeye attracted the attention of many visitors. Pierremagnetic engineers carried out the setting and demonstration of safetyeye on site, and shared the most advanced technology with the audience.

in addition to these two exhibition areas, pierremagnetic also exhibited some other products. Pnozsigma is one of the products that attracted much attention. It is one of the important development directions in the field of new materials. The latest safety relay launched by pierremagnetic is Pirci's advanced safety technology and years of service experience have achieved maximum safety with the smallest width. With its excellent performance and many advantages, it is not difficult to predict that pnozsigma has a bright future

during the same period of the exhibition, pirci participated in the 2007oem machine design technology seminar on November 7. Mr. Huang zhijiong, product manager of pirci, made a speech entitled "machine safety and protection". In addition to introducing the application of pirci's safety products on machines, he also introduced relevant safety concepts and European machine directives, CE certification, safety standards and other related knowledge, giving a vivid safety lesson to the audience on site. It has solved the technical puzzles and problems for many listeners, and established a good image of pirci as a "Safety Ambassador"

through this exhibition, pirci showed the latest products, technologies, solutions and services to the majority of users. Looking forward to the future, pirci will continue to uphold the company's philosophy of customer first, create more customer value for users with continuous product innovation and technological progress, and eliminate worries for users with timely and thoughtful service and support

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