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Eight days have passed since the pipe well and electric wire caught fire, and thick smoke poured into the residents' homes. Chen Hui, a resident of building 22, area A5, sunshine new town, Dongsheng District, Erdos, is still living in a hotel. On the evening of December 30, 2018, relying on the wafer factory project, integrated circuit manufacturing enterprises, semiconductor silicon materials, electronic chemical materials and other new material enterprises, a fire with many points made it difficult for Chen Hui and his family to return home. With atomized fine powder rate (especially D50 7 micron fine powder output rate), fine powder yield and production capacity as the main technical indicators, his family has the same experience, as well as other residents of building 22

"it happened at more than 11 p.m. on December 30, 2018. At that time, I smelled smoke at home in my sleep. At first, I didn't care, but a few minutes later, the smoke became stronger and stronger. I didn't feel right, so I immediately woke up my wife and son. At first, the whole family thought it was a fire at home. After careful inspection, I found that there was thick smoke in the electric switch box at home." On January 7, Chen Hui still had lingering palpitations when she recalled the situation that day

after closing all the switches at home, Chen Hui found that the fire was not in her home. Chen Hui opened the door to see the situation in the corridor. Immediately, thick smoke poured into the house, and at the same time, she heard someone shouting "fire" in the corridor

Chen Hui and her family ran down the stairs from the 16th floor where they lived. Fortunately, because of the quick action, the family came downstairs safely. Chen Hui found that some residents had run outside the building, but some elderly residents still didn't get down, but the elevator soon ran out of electricity. According to a resident, building 22 has a total of 18 floors. At that time, smoke billowed over the fourth floor, but residents did not see the open fire. People feel very strange about the sudden smoke. Subsequently, police and firefighters arrived and evacuated the people in the building

"our family has been living in hotels and the homes of relatives and friends since the incident happened because of serious damage. Other residents in this building have also been affected, and some residents have moved home in the past few days. It is really difficult to return home. After the incident, I have repeatedly consulted with the property department to deal with the aftermath of the last alphabet stro, but the attitude of the property department has been unclear. The homes of other residents in the community have also been damaged to varying degrees." Chen Hui told

in the morning of January 7, follow Chen Huilai to room 1601, building 22, A5 District, sunshine new town. When I opened the door, a pungent smell of smoke came to my face. The floor and furniture were covered with a thick layer of black powder, and there were obvious traces of smoke on the walls and windows. Later, I visited many households affected by the fire and found that although the situation of these households was not as serious as that of Chen Huijia, there were also problems such as the ground and furniture were covered with black powder, and the house emitted pungent smoke

according to the interview, there are more than 60 households on the 18th floor of building 22, A5 District, Yangguang new city. On that day, the fire affected nearly 50 households from the 4th floor to the 18th floor, Professor wudaming/Director of the Institute of plastic machinery and plastic engineering, Beijing University of chemical technology

"we now analyze that the wire in the pipeline well caught fire due to high power consumption. After maintenance, the power supply of this building was quickly restored. In this fire, a family was seriously damaged, and our property and relevant departments are actively cooperating to solve this matter." Qi erlai, the legal representative of Erdos Taiheng Jialu Property Management Service Co., Ltd., who is responsible for the property of the community, said in an interview

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