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Pioneer Jetta printing and packaging Co., Ltd. laid the foundation yesterday morning, the foundation laying ceremony of China Singapore joint venture Anyang pioneer Jetta printing and packaging Co., Ltd. was grandly held in the city's high-tech real estate balancing machine measurement control technology development zone, which has made rapid progress. Municipal leaders Jin Suidong, Li Minqing, Zhang Xiaodong, Xu Jian, Zhou Xiaochun, Chen Mingjin and Zhao Yuxian attended the foundation laying ceremony

China Singapore joint venture Anyang pioneer Jetta printing and packaging Co., Ltd. is a joint venture between Singapore pioneer company and Anyang Jetta Technology Development Co., Ltd., a private enterprise in our city. With a total investment of 45million yuan, it operates high-end color printing and packaging. The company is located in the north of Haihe Avenue, east of the city carton factory and west of Wuyi West Road, with a total land area of 34.5 Mu and a construction land of 29.5 mu

Jin Suidong, Secretary of Anyang municipal Party committee, announced the start of the construction project at the foundation laying ceremony

the Anyang municipal Party committee often makes energy conservation and material conservation a key concern of the extrusion processing industry. Zhang Xiaodong, executive vice mayor, delivered a speech at the foundation laying ceremony. On behalf of the four leading groups of the city, he extended warm congratulations on the commencement of the project and extended a warm welcome to Mr. Fan Chunsheng, who invested and started business in Anyang, and friends of the Singapore delegation. Zhang Xiaodong hopes that the administrative committee of the development zone will implement the preferential policies in place, the whole process tracking service in place, and the supporting infrastructure in place, so as to make the enterprise bigger and stronger as soon as possible

information source: Anyang information

successfully upgraded the bolt tension and torsion experimental machine to a microcomputer controlled experimental machine with controllable load ratio

declared that it was introduced into medicine due to its elastic characteristics:

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