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Pirci Seminar: safety solutions for automated guided vehicles (AGVS)

in 1953, an automated guided vehicle (AGV) transformed from a tractor was born in a grocery warehouse, and then gradually applied to various factories. After years of technological precipitation and innovation, AGV in the current market has developed rapidly in the fields of auto parts, e-commerce express, third-party logistics, 3C electronics and so on

in the era of machine replacement, the need for AGV to be colorless and transparent is huge. More and more AGV enterprises begin to layout overseas markets, so the improvement of safety requirements becomes more and more necessary. Properly designed auto guided industrial vehicles can interact with people more safely. However, during the processing and use of functional plastics, AGV may (and has) caused fatal injury or property damage if used or maintained improperly. If the personnel in or near these areas do not pay attention to the potential risks, especially in the hazardous areas and other areas where the experiments continue to be carried out normally, it may cause injury

on July 16, 2020, pirci shared with you how to realize the safety of automatic guided vehicle (AGV) application according to the latest standard EN ISO

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