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Pipe cut! BASF explosion adds doubt

pipeline cut off! BASF explosion added doubt

October 28, 2016

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last week, a big explosion occurred in Ludwigshafen Park, headquarters of German chemical giant BASF Group, which focused on the development of instruments and meters for many years. The accident occurred in a port near the Rhine River, and two firefighters and a worker were killed. In addition, 30 people were injured to varying degrees. The cause of the accident is still under investigation

affected by the accident, BASF shut down 24 production units, which will be restarted in the near future

new progress has been made in the investigation - the local police and the national investigation team issued a joint statement on Wednesday, It states: "After many research and development investigations on the site, we found a suspicious point. Before the accident, someone cut off a pipeline conveying flammable residual oil with a 120 building sealing material tool similar to a circular saw. This residual oil is mainly used to produce all kinds of solvents and plasticizers. At present, it is not clear who did this. However, it is reported that several workers were using an angle grinder to clean another nearby place when the accident occurred One pipeline for maintenance. What kind of connection exists between them remains to be further investigated, but this is undoubtedly an important clue. "

the goal is gradually clear - Hubert stroeber, the commander-in-chief of the investigation team, pointed out in an interview: "we have now targeted the suspect who cut off the pipeline on an outsourcing worker, but because his serious injury has not healed, he cannot be questioned at present."

the statement also pointed out that the next investigation work will mainly focus on the maintenance work carried out at that time. BASF will also fully cooperate and support

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