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The pioneer of digital printing

printing needs digitization. Standard measurement and control tools make printing detection more reliable, and measurement and control equipment for various processes is essential

print control strip

print control strip is used to provide appropriate exposure conditions for PS plate and film as a reference, and can be used to detect the sensitivity of developer to achieve the purpose of maintenance

Fuji step guide P has 15 steps, and the density interval of each step is 0.15, and its density range reaches 2.15

UGRA plate printing control strip in Switzerland. UGRA plate printing control strip is a plate development and exposure control strip developed by the German Institute of printing and reproduction technology. It is the most advanced control strip in the world at present. The function of UGRA plate control wedge (PCW) 1982 plate printing control strip is divided into five functional segments, each with different functions

the first paragraph: it is used to control the development of the printing plate, and it can also check the exposure of the printing plate

the second stage: the micron coil is used to control the exposure time

the third segment: point segment, 10 blocks from 10% point to 100% field. It is used to check the exposure and development, and it is also used as the benchmark for the measurement of printing characteristic curve

the fourth paragraph: the fine performance along different angles is stable and reliable, so that printers can visually inspect the exports of developed countries, mainly the middle and low-end, to check whether the printing machine has point deformation and ghosting

properly file off the fifth segment of Part 1 with a file along the axis of the damping needle: the fine dot segment is divided into positive 0.5% to 5% and negative 95% to 99.5%, which is used to check that the printing process is slightly reduced

printing measurement and control strip

German Fogra printing measurement and control strip can not only check the dark tone, the point expansion of the middle tone, but also check the point deformation, and draw the experimental curve in real time. The ink overprint each other

Brunner Bruner color signal bar in Switzerland adds print quality control bar, ink control section and ultra-fine measurement section, which can control print quality as well as print quality. Using the point shape change of the ultra-fine segment, we can judge and check the ghosting and point deformation with the naked eye

American GATF star is a signal bar for visual inspection

when the ink supply is too large and the dot is deformed during printing, the center of the star will change significantly, so as to help people find quality problems in printing in time

fogra printing accuracy control bar

is used to detect the vacuum degree of printing

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