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The pioneer position of AI landing, Internet Finance practitioner Hengchang forward-looking layout

at present, the hottest word in the field of science and technology is artificial intelligence (AI). In China, baidu positioned itself as an AI technology company before Tencent and Alibaba invested heavily in AI research. According to statistics, in the past two years alone, global technology giants have invested more than $30billion in the field of artificial intelligence, and Chinese enterprises and investment circles have invested $8billion, which shows the degree of their popularity

what kind of chemical reaction will artificial intelligence + industry produce? This has become one of the hot topics at present. In the embrace and love of various intelligent technologies in many fields such as travel, takeout, finance, etc., the combination of the financial industry and intelligence has attracted much attention. The traditional mysterious and closed financial system has become open and beautiful due to the emergence of Internet finance. With the development and maturity of new technologies represented by artificial intelligence, people's efficiency in dealing with financial business will be further increased and improved in the future

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in the financial industry, every update of technology can bring industry reshuffle. Nowadays, the development of intelligent technology has gradually formed the concept of "intelligent finance" in the financial industry. The development of big data and cloud computing has gradually formed a huge cloud data system. With the help of Intelligent Cloud Computing, the financial industry can get more accurate and comprehensive data, and use these cloud computing data to guide the development of financial products. In 2018, the financial field will become a pioneer in the landing of artificial intelligence, and Hengchang, an Internet Finance practitioner who has been entrepreneurship for seven years, has invested a lot of money and energy in the research and development of financial technology in the rapid development of Internet finance, and has also made a forward-looking layout in the field of artificial intelligence

following the general trend of financial technology and going deep into the field of artificial intelligence, Hengchang has gradually built a solid foundation with rich big data accumulation, excellent technical team and strength. In order to explore and develop advanced cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, Hengchang has specially set up fintech Research Institute to organize excellent research and development teams and conduct large tonnage material mechanics experiments. With the development of platform data accumulation and deep learning technology, Hengchang carries out multi-dimensional feature extraction for all types of users, PCA, IV and other analysis for 2000 + dimensional data of a single user, and embeds traditional features such as knowledge maps into the deep learning model. Hengchang uses the migration learning ability of deep learning to carry out cross domain modeling learning for each product line. Through user behavior clustering and other user correlation analysis, it can effectively identify and early warning Gang fraud, automatically respond to risk early warning events, and make targeted adjustment and Optimization for different types of risk events

Hengchang also applies AI technology to the field of Finance and credit, making it play a greater role and participate in the automatic decision-making of more links, which will also greatly reduce human costs, improve the efficiency of risk control and post loan management, and create greater value for the industry and companies. In addition, Hengchang also applies AI technology to biometrics. At present, Hengchang face recognition system has been online for half a year, with an accuracy rate of more than 98%, and serves many online products. Hengchang Turing voiceprint recognition 3M company released a series of low VOC adhesive tape classification system, which has also been released. This technology combines data analysis technology in business, greatly improving the accuracy of predicting fake identity behavior through voiceprint recognition technology. At present, Hengchang has initially formed a voiceprint database of nearly 50000 people. The 1:50000 voiceprint comparison and abnormal pattern mining can be completed at the minute level, and the accuracy of voiceprint recognition has also reached a practical level. In the future, Hengchang will build a million level voiceprint library and focus on further improving the identification of group fraud and agency packaging

as one of the most suitable fields for AI technology to be put into use, this financial reform has just begun. AI is becoming a technological hand to change the shape of the entire Internet product. Domestic bat and e-commerce giants, traditional banks and Internet financial companies are also actively deploying Finance + AI, which has been gradually applied in AI financial service products, and will give birth to more new business models, This is a new journey that makes all practitioners look forward to and ecstatic. I believe that with the gradual maturity and application of artificial intelligence, it is bound to lead China's financial industry innovation into a new era of intelligent finance

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