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What are the benefits of using silicone insulating glass sealant

1. The range of increase and decrease is 5 ⑴ 0%, which is a good grade of high and middle air glass.

the double-channel sealing of insulating glass with silicone/butyl combination is adopted. Because the advantages of the two sealants are brought into full play, the performance and service life of insulating glass can be greatly improved, thus improving the grade of insulating glass. Limited by performance, polysulfide/butyl combination is difficult to improve the service life of insulating glass. Generally, it can only be used for temporary buildings, low-grade buildings or indoor and environment-friendly occasions where the largest wave of collapse of insulating glass occurs in 2014, and the service life is not long

2. Convenient function, low construction loss and good improvement of construction environment

there is one or more two-component glue applicators on the regular or certain scale insulating glass processing lines. Since silicone sealant and polysulfide sealant cannot be mixed, when changing the type of sealant, the glue applicator must be cleaned, which will cause inconvenience in construction and increase the loss of sealant. If only silicone sealant is used, the cleaning of the glue applicator due to glue change can be cancelled, which is convenient to use and can reduce material loss

polysulfide sealant will emit an unpleasant smell of "rotten eggs can start the synchronous machine first if they can't shift to the gear" during use. This smell will have a certain impact on human health. The elongation at break of ordinary polymer materials is usually between 50% and 100%, and will worsen the working environment. Silicone glass sealant has no obvious smell during use, so it can significantly improve the working environment and ensure the physical and mental health of employees

3. High cost performance and good economy

in the processing of insulating glass, silicone sealant and butyl sealant are used as double seals to maximize the effective performance of these two sealants. The silicone/butyl double seal for insulating glass can be used for high, medium and low grades of insulating glass. The polysulfide/butyl double seal for insulating glass can only be used for medium and low grades of insulating glass. The price of two-component silicone sealant for insulating glass is the same or lower than that of two-component polysulfide sealant for insulating glass. Therefore, silicone sealant for insulating glass has higher cost performance than polysulfide sealant for insulating glass

the density of silicone insulating glass sealant and polysulfide insulating glass sealant is obviously different due to their different materials. The density of the former is generally 1. About 44, and the density of the latter is 1. About 70. In the process of insulating glass processing, if the sealant with the same weight is consumed, the number of insulating glass produced by the former is significantly greater than that of the latter. In other words, the unit price of silicone is lower than that of polysulfide for users

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