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What are the advantages of using circulating water bypass filter

circulating water by-pass filter is a kind of high-efficiency, energy-saving, environmental friendly and green full-automatic water filtration equipment, which is designed to avoid color change, deformation and other defects caused by numerical control electromechanical drive and ball screw pair transmission in the sun. The filter element is made of high-precision and high-strength stainless steel or alloy, and the cleaning method is 1 0mpa high-pressure backwashing and automatic dirt absorption mode inside the filter; Ultrasonic cleaning and sterilization system can be added for difficult to treat oil, organic and viscous substances to meet the national standard for experimental motor gas and water quality with high hardness; The filter is fully automatic and can be cleaned thoroughly without dead corners. There is no need to replace the filter element. The intelligent control system can ensure the safe, stable and reliable operation of the equipment

product advantages:

1. Encourage recycling enterprises to recycle plastic bags. Compact structure: the equipment integrates coagulation reaction, filtration and continuous cleaning. The utility model has the advantages of simplified water treatment process, small floor area, simple structure, flexible and convenient installation and operation. The energy consumption and labor management cost of the raw water treatment process are reduced, and the operation difficulty is reduced

2. Obvious coagulation reaction effect: the application of coagulation reaction mechanism and sedimentation mechanism can effectively remove suspended solids and colloidal substances in the water, which is conducive to further reducing the turbidity of callose effluent in the sand filtration area

3. Continuous self-cleaning filtration: the filter medium is automatically circulated and continuously cleaned without shutdown for backwashing

4. Reduce the suspended solids (SS) content of raw water: cooperate with the micro flocculation device, various industrial water, urban domestic sewage and industrial water with a influent Zui high SS ≤ mg/l are used as reuse water, and the removal rate is ≥ 90%, achieving perfect filtration effect

5. Special material, long service life

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