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What are the advantages of PVC coated gloves?

Abstract: in the big family of gloves, PVC coated gloves have been recognized by everyone, and they account for a large share in the market. What are the advantages of PVC coated gloves

advantages of PVC gloves

for workers who need to work for a long time, the most important thing to use PVC gloves is the feeling of the palm of the hand, and comfortable wearing is the best advantage of PVC gloves. It can make employees wear PVC gloves for a long time without feeling very tight skin, and can help our palms' blood circulation, so as not to lose consciousness after a day's work. Moreover, PVC coated gloves are very safe. They do not contain any amino acid compounds or other harmful substances, which will hardly cause us to have allergies. At the end of the test, the maximum strength, upper and lower yield strength are calculated automatically, and the degradation time is very short. Even the waste gloves can be treated well, which is conducive to the formation of green research and development of environmentally friendly fertilizer synergists and efficient use of land resources. It has become an ecological model for environmental protection of major social and economic issues in China

PVC gloves are suitable for some electronic industries or dust-free working environments. The concentration of residual chemicals on their surfaces is very low, and they do not contain silicon, which has a good anti-static function, and can also have a certain resistance to pH. therefore, they can maintain their most basic properties even in a very harsh environment, and they do not agree with cracking

PVC coated gloves are usually made from PVC paste resin through a series of processes, and they do not contain many foam based on them, which will also disillusion the composition of latex protein. Therefore, some friends who are allergic to latex protein can rest assured to use them. In addition, PVC styles are usually relatively loose. We can change them very quickly when wearing them, which is very convenient. In addition, it can let us feel the free breathing of the palm from zero distance, without feeling that the hand will be very stuffy. Therefore, the effect of wearing it is very obvious, that is, it is soft

PVC coated gloves show their excellent quality in the process of practical application. In general, they have excellent chemical resistance, can cope with various application environments, and have very excellent tensile strength and wear resistance, which can greatly increase their service life. Moreover, it is very comfortable to wear and will not let us feel the stuffy hands, so it is worth us to start

in the glove family, the jaws should be replaced at this time. PVC coated gloves have been recognized by everyone, and they account for a large share in the market. What are the advantages of PVC coated gloves? What indispensable values can he provide for us in the actual production process

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