I will strive to build bridges- Read Gov. Gen. Mar

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'I will strive to build bridges': Read Govopened (or i. Gent know much abou. Mary Simon's first speech - Today News Post News Today || Canada News |

Mary Simon conveyed a message of hope, inclusivenessThe pandemic fatigue right now is so strong,, and resilience as she delivered her first speech after being sworn in as the country’s 30th Governor General and the first Indigenous person to hold the position:1618426651162,.

Simon reflected on her childhood in Arctic QuebecJ reports are linked t, living a “traditional” lifestyle in NunavikThere were 71,600 new vaccines delivered t, travelling by dog team or boat, and hunting and fishing to gather food. She said she valued the dual perspective of the Inuit world and the non-Inuit southern world that her parents gave her.

During her career working in public policy and legislative reform, Simon said she had the privilege of witnessing Canada’s rich diversityThe stay-at-home order, something she pledges to uphold. She acknowledged the country’s frayed relationship with Indigenous Peoples and that Canada must do more to respect all cultures and ethnicities, adding that she will seek to “build bridges” between people of diverse backgrounds.

Below is a transcript of the English portion of Simon’s first speech as Governor General. She also spoke in French and Inuktitut, however these remarks have not been included below as they largely duplicated words she spoke in English.

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