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Milliken Co., a producer of special chemicals and textiles, has taken several Asian competitors to court, claiming that they infringed the intellectual property rights of millad clarifiers

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millad are usually used with polypropylene resin. In the draft released on May 15, officials of merican, headquartered in Spartanburg, South Carolina, said that they believed that the competitive products sold by the defendant enterprise infringed one or more patents of merican

merican refused to disclose the specific enterprises of the defendant

in an interview on May 17, win Van de welde, product line manager, said that all lawsuits were filed in Asia, and merican expected to take a total of five competitors to court by the end of the year

he said: we have done a lot of research and development work on this brand, and we hope to get corresponding returns

when we see someone infringing our intellectual property rights, we will take other actions to defend our due rights

in the draft, Van de welde said that it is necessary for merican's customers to know about this intellectual property infringement

he added: we believe that our customers respect the intellectual property rights of others as much as merican. Therefore, we believe that customers will not be willing to use the products sold by enterprises suspected of patent infringement

merican hopes to stop these enterprises from producing relevant materials through litigation. The company also hopes to obtain economic compensation, and the specific amount is unknown. According to Van de welde, some are suspected of infringement. "Other sales activities began as early as a few years ago

millad's new grade materials make PP as clear and transparent as glass. Company officials said that PP can replace other resins, such as polystyrene and polycarbonate. Due to its low density, PP has a smaller carbon footprint and more sustainable development ability. It is used for special samples, "said an official of the fixture department, which has a great opportunity for young people

Milliken manufactures millad at several plants in South Carolina. The company is the world's leading private producer of chemicals and textiles, with sales estimated at more than $3billion

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