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Mentholatum plastic packaging box with excellent decoration and structural design

with the improvement of people's living standards, people's demand for the number and types of daily necessities is increasing, which makes the product packaging close to people's life more colorful. Recently, plastic boxed cosmetics began to frequently appear on the shelves of major shopping malls and supermarkets in China, and became a popular cosmetic packaging. Mentholatum foam cleanser is one of the most representative tensile testing machines. Precautions for purchase: a product

Mentholatum foam cleanser is packaged in a plastic box completely different from the carton. The decoration design style of the whole package is simple, generous and elegant. The top of the box is printed with the green logo of Mentholatum, and the front is printed with the product name set off by a small blue background. The large transparent part set aside can make everyone see the products inside at a glance. The back is covered with white ink, which not only does not affect the beauty of the product observed from the front, but also shows the explanatory text on the back

the structural design of this plastic packaging box is also very unique: the left and right sides of the top of the box are respectively designed with notched, downward curving tongues, which are stuck on the product, which not only prevents the box cover from sinking, but also can effectively fix the product; The back side of the bottom of the box is designed with a part that can inherit the tradition to fold into the box, in which an oval space is cut out by the die, just to place and stabilize the oval hose; There are also three supporting feet at the bottom, one front and two rear. These three small protrusions effectively protect the stability of the product and ensure that the products with small bottom area and high "stature" will not fall down on the shelf due to rocking back and forth

according to the relevant personnel of the procurement department of Mentholatum Zhongshan company, the design of the package is completed by Mentholatum Hong Kong company

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