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Mercedes Benz appears at 2018 Hangzhou International Automobile Industry Exhibition

"At this Hangzhou Auto Show, we have brought 2018 Mercedes Maybach s 680 and s 560 4matic models that 'treat the world with courtesy' to consumers in the eastern region, giving back the love of consumers with a more exclusive experience, and further consolidating the leading position of S-class cars in the luxury car market. At the same time, the launch of Mercedes Benz e 350 4matic coupe has once again enriched the family lineup of Mercedes Benz 'dream car', with an unprecedented smart and beautiful style Bring new personality choices to Chinese customers. " Mr. Nie Jun, general manager of Beijing Mercedes Benz Sales Service Co., Ltd., said, "The continuous improvement and enrichment of product series has further consolidated our business foundation. In the first eight months of this year, Mercedes Benz delivered 457, 045 new cars (including smart) in China, an increase of 12% year-on-year. In the future, Mercedes Benz East will continue to work with dealer partners to integrate professionalism, temperature and innovation into daily operations, and strive to create a customer experience that exceeds expectations for customers in the East."

Mercedes-Benz Maybach S-class car

treat the world with courtesy and enjoy supreme enjoyment

on the road of pursuing "the best", Mercedes Benz never stops, especially for S-class cars. At the Hangzhou Auto Show, Mercedes Maybach brought 2018 Mercedes Maybach s 680 and Mercedes Maybach s 560 4matic models, presenting a more respected and personalized enjoyment for Chinese consumers. Among them, the Mercedes Maybach s 680, which is exclusive to China, is named after the highest level and unique beauty in the S-class car family, paying high tribute to the sages of Chinese society

based on the classic design of Maybach brand, the 2018 Maybach s 680 and s 560 4matic both use the newly designed vertical grille, which makes the whole vehicle show the magnificent momentum of swallowing mountains and rivers, and the movement and stillness exude the awe inspiring dignity, while the unique logo of "Maybach" above the heat dissipation grille shows its noble identity. The standard long-range geometric multi beam LED headlights of the whole series reflect the integration of intelligence and beauty. 84 independently adjustable LED light sources can predict the driving state and the road ahead, and intelligently turn off or light up to realize refined beam distribution, so as to improve the necessary brightness and avoid dazzling, making driving safer; The lighting range of nearly 650 meters is also proud of its peers. The LED "star tail lamp" at the rear of the car echoes with it. With its unique surface reflection structure design, it releases a dazzling light like a galaxy

entering the car, the private space of the 2018 Maybach s 680 and s 560 4matic is also elegant and polite, showing the outstanding demeanor of a gentleman hiding in the body and being quiet and indifferent. The new touch panel without controller brings a more convenient control experience for the entertainment, interconnection and other functions in the car. The world's first "refreshing" function takes the lead in introducing the concept of luxury into caring for the health of drivers and passengers, integrating different comfort configurations in the car into an intelligent overall system, giving contemporary sages the most relaxed and pleasant sensory enjoyment. The independent rear seats, spacious and comfortable interior space, and exquisite luxury configurations derived from the first-class class aircraft create a calm and comfortable open-minded state of mind and sublimate the exclusive experience to a new realm

in addition to pursuing the ultimate experience, the S-class car family is also constantly optimizing the power system of products. The 2018 Maybach s 5604matic is equipped with a powerful and efficient V8 engine, which can intelligently switch between "four cylinder" and "eight cylinder" operation modes according to driving needs; The 2018 Maybach s 680 is matched with the V12 twin turbocharged engine, and the surging power to turn the tide has made the leader's way forward

at the same time, the Mercedes Benz S-class sedan, which "leads the world", also brought the 2018 s 320 l just launched. As the first S-class car in this class equipped with an in-line four cylinder gasoline engine, the 2018 s 320 L is creatively equipped with a 48V intelligent motor system and a 9-speed automatic transmission, which improves the comfort, handling and energy saving of luxury cars again with the coincidence of "four" and two dials, achieving the most powerful four cylinder engine in the large luxury car segment

Mercedes Benz "dream car" family

amazing talent, eye-catching bloom

this Hangzhou Auto Show, a new member of Mercedes Benz E-class coupe family - Mercedes Benz e 350 4matic coupe ushered in the market. With the subtle integration of excellent design and innovation power, it shows its charm between lines, providing Chinese consumers with a richer new personality choice

e 350 4matic coupe inherits the design of E-class car family, with sculptural slender shoulders and muscular tail, reflecting charming style; The striking front face with flashing diamond grille, together with the slender hood with bulge, shows a dynamic style; Geometric multi beam LED headlights echo with the "wake-up · dream" led taillights; Without B-pillar design, the exterior rear-view mirror integrated with the door, AMG appearance sports components and 19 inch AMG double 5-spoke light alloy wheels, interpret the perfect integration of sports and elegance

in addition, the e 350 4matic Coupe is also equipped with a number of dazzling configurations as standard, such as the Burmester ® Surround sound system brings theater level listening enjoyment and creates a fascinating driving experience; In terms of power, the e 350 4matic Coupe is equipped with a new 2.0-liter in-line four cylinder engine and a 48V intelligent motor system, which not only provides excellent power output and comfortable driving experience, but also greatly improves fuel economy, so as to make the "core" of wisdom and show the demeanor of a wise man. The addition of new functions such as full-time four-wheel drive system (4matic) and intelligent pilot distance limit function will create more excellent driving experience for drivers and make the journey more enjoyable

2018 E-class coupes are all equipped with newly upgraded dual 12.3-inch HD displays and a new generation of steering wheel with integrated touch keys, making operation more intuitive and convenient. The "dazzling air outlet" that can change colors with the temperature control of the air conditioner and the 64 color ambient lighting system complement each other, highlighting the design concept of "people-oriented". It is worth mentioning that the 2018 E-class Coupe is also equipped with advanced intelligent Internet services apple Carplay and Baidu carlife, which make the vehicle seamlessly connected with smart life and further improve its market competitiveness

as another star member of the "dream car" family, the new CLS four door coupe "dazzling and pioneering" also appeared in this auto show. The new CLS four door coupe further sublimates the design concept of "sensibility and purity": simpler lines and pure surfaces complement each other, dazzling elegance and soul stirring in a moment; The classic flash diamond grille and the "eye hunter's front face" complement each other, creating an avant-garde style

what's the problem with the design aesthetics of the interior and appearance? Judging from the failure of 5000 plastic products widely studied by Smithers Rapra, the new CLS four door coupe has a dazzling sense of high technology and aesthetic texture space. Including the surrounding center console, the wavy lines extending from the front door to the rear door, and the design of the three seats in the rear together create a wide pattern, comfortable and calm ride

its power system should not be underestimated. The new CLS four door coupe also provides an innovative hybrid system composed of a new 2.0-liter in-line four cylinder engine and a 48V intelligent motor. It has both strong power and significantly improved fuel economy. It is a powerful kinetic energy, which is on the verge of fire

Mercedes AMG family

passionate driving, impeccable

at this auto show, the "dynamic and extraordinary" Mercedes AMG 43 family brought 2018 Mercedes AMG GLC 43 4matic SUV to Chinese consumers. With a dynamic and fashionable appearance design and an internal space with both sports and practicality, it provides the ultimate driving pleasure that perfectly balances the passion of the track and daily driving. Inheriting the seven genes of AMG brand and the pure blood from the track, the 2018 AMG GLC 434matic SUV is equipped with a 3.0-liter V6 twin turbocharged engine, with a maximum output power of 270 kW, a peak torque of 520 n · m, and a maximum speed of 250 km/h. with the support of the 9-speed automatic transmission specially adjusted by AMG, it has a more agile and smooth shift experience, bringing unimaginable acceleration performance. In addition, the 2018 AMG GLC 43 4matic SUV also brings four different styles of AMG select suits, creating a more personalized performance car for AMG fans

a new member of the Mercedes AMG 63 family - the new Mercedes AMG GLC 63 s 4matic+ coupe SUV prototype special edition also came to this auto show, performing the highest level of "Heroes" with strength. As the only vehicle equipped with V8 twin turbocharged engine in the market segment, the new AMG GLC 63 s 4matic+ coupe SUV with a powerful power of 375 kW and 700 n · m released a charming AMG 8-cylinder engine sound wave, and stepped into the sports car level "4-second club" with a 100 kilometer acceleration of 3.8 seconds. The AMG high-performance four-wheel drive enhanced version (4matic+) helps it break through the rugged world. On the paved road, this set of four-wheel drive system can give full play to its aerodynamic performance, weight and acoustic advantages, and its rapid response speed can help the vehicle to remain more than a blade in the wet road. In addition, the first special edition model is more personalized from the outside to the inside: designo Moonstone matte gray body, 21 inch AMG cross spokes with golden brake caliper forged hub, always showing the passion of the track; The center console wrapped in nappa leather and the dinamica microfiber AMG high-performance steering wheel bring the ultimate feel to the driver and passengers and further highlight the high-performance style; The light aluminum trim with AMG carbon fiber/longitudinal stripes and the black interior with yellow contrast stitches add more luxury and sportiness to the whole vehicle

at the same time, the new Mercedes AMG GT C China Special Edition, which can be called the perfect representative of AMG's "luxury performance", also came to the scene, presenting a charming sports car product that is exclusive to Chinese consumers. The classic sports car body proportion and the extremely muscular design language cleverly collide, resulting in an ultra-low posture, domineering front face, and a masculine tail that highlights the width; The fixed tail with great visual effect not only optimizes the airflow at the rear of the car, but also presents a pure race track gene; The Chinese special edition models provide exclusive designo matte graphite gray and designo matte pearl white two unique paint surfaces, bringing the driving experience into the absolute dimension of either gray or white. The performance of the new AMG GT C China Special Edition is also impressive: the 4.0L V8 twin turbocharged engine with a unique "hot inside V" structure and a dry sump lubrication system makes it possible to drive in the wind with an acceleration time of only 3.7 seconds at 100 kilometers and a maximum speed of 317 kilometers per hour

smart streamer Green Special Edition

proud of its extraordinary style

at this auto show, the smart family, the pioneer of urban trends, has brought a smart green spirit to Hangzhou consumers - Smart streamer Green Special Edition. This model is built based on the smart fortwo 66 kW hardtop pioneer edition, exuding charming dynamic charm from the inside out. It is limited to 188 units nationwide. Smart streamer Green Special Edition adopts passionate and energetic racing green paint, standard led and sensor kit, bringing unique U-shaped led. During the day, many regular enterprises have appeared loss running lights, front fog lights and LED tail lights, which easily illuminate the road ahead with the light of the trend. Equipped with front 16 inches and rear 17 inches

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