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Merchants only need to change the packaging of ordinary tea. How to change it into organic tea

On the eve of the festival, more and more citizens buy tea as gifts to relatives and friends. Therefore, merchants in various tea cities have launched ecological tea, green tea, and even organic tea. In the days of unannounced visits, it was found that the tea with various names was actually just ordinary tea, and the secret was nothing more than the different packaging provided by the merchants, and the purpose was nothing more than to improve their value

report: one kind of tea is put into two kinds of bags

recently, Mr. Sun, a citizen, told his story. On the eve of the festival, he went to a tea city in Hongqiao District to see the price of tea. The enthusiastic shopkeeper actively recommended: look at this kind of packaging. Not only decent, but also green food. Although it costs a few more yuan for the packaging box, it definitely has face. Next, the shop owner put a kind of tea into two different packages, and the words green food were impressively printed on one of the boxes

unannounced interview: improve your status in an instant

according to the information provided by the public, I found this shop in the tea city in Hongqiao District. Do you have organic tea? Asked. The female boss said, "if you want organic tea, we have it here.". Then he took out a big bag of tea from the refrigerator. It was found that there was neither the name of the manufacturer nor the logo of organic food on the tea paper bag. When asked why there was no organic food logo, the female boss was stunned first, and then said: This is a big package, there is no logo on it, and our small package has a logo. Under the guidance of the shop owner, I saw a tea outer package marked with the words "ecological and green". Can I only buy this package to decorate ordinary tea? Hearing the question, the female boss hurriedly said: that's no problem. If you want this kind of packing, you will add 50 yuan each. As long as you put it in this box, who can tell whether it is green or ordinary. As long as it tastes good, how many people really understand it when it is placed at the top for the first time

experts reveal: green organic can't be used casually

for green food and organic food, businesses can't use it casually, and the introduction of ecological tea is nothing more than a concept of selling. Lu Ruichun, director of the National Center for supervision and inspection of processed food, said. Green food refers to safe, high-quality and nutritious food without pollution. For the origin of green food, it must meet the environmental quality standards of green food; At the same time, the wood flour is more evenly distributed in planting or processing, which must comply with the production and operation procedures of green food; It must meet the quality and hygiene standards of green food. For such products, relevant national departments will issue green food marks. Only products with this logo can be called green food. Organic food is a relatively unified formulation of pollution-free natural food in the world. The country has higher requirements for organic food. In addition to the environment and technology, the fertilizer including organic food must be organic fertilizer, instead of ordinary chemical fertilizer, and pesticides cannot be used. Similarly, only those that have passed the national certification can be called organic food. What businessmen casually say about green and organic food is often not real green food and organic food. As for ecology, it is a concept launched by businesses, just to confuse consumers and raise the value of products

tips: two steps can distinguish clearly

so how do consumers distinguish whether it is green or organic tea when buying? Director Lu gave the answer: in fact, when consumers buy, they only need to check the two parts to easily distinguish. This is to check the original packaging and manufacturer's certification documents used by tea merchants to pack tea. Consumers should first check whether there is a green food mark or an organic food mark on the big package of tea. Even if there is such a mark on the large package, consumers also choose the corresponding type of experiment according to the experiment they want to carry out, and ask the tea merchant for the certification certificate of the manufacturer's green food or organic food. When checking, you should check whether the manufacturer who has obtained the certification is consistent with the factory name on the package and whether the certificate is within the period of validity. Generally speaking, due to the small amount of organic tea, tea factories will not use large packages to contain machine tea. In other words, nine times out of ten large packages of organic tea in the tea city are Mongolian

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