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Merck company launched wm8 series pearlescent pigments

at the 8th National Plastic coloring and masterbatch academic, technology and Trade Information Exchange Fair held recently, Merck company of Germany launched iriodinwm8 series pearlescent pigments. This series of products are new and improved pearlescent pigments specially developed for the convenience of thermoplastic masterbatch and granulation manufacturers

according to Merck, ordinary pearlescent pigments will encounter problems such as solid fluidity and vulnerability to shear stress during processing. Merck iriodinwm8 adopts advanced technology, combines the advantages of wax wrapping with high loading capacity, and does not change the shape and size of pearlescent particles. The theme of the founding conference is "give play to advantages, change the situation, work together and create a win-win situation". The experiment shows that the transmission speed of the improved pearlescent pigment in the hopper and feeding area of the extruder is increased by 6 times, the bridge phenomenon in the feeding bucket is eliminated, the degree of shear damage of pearlescent pigment particles is reduced, and there are no side effects in the post-processing (such as printing, etc.)

in addition, the pearlescent pigment treated by wax coating eliminates the phenomenon of dust flying in the processing process, which is conducive to improving the sanitation of the processing site. The applicable occasions of this series of products are as follows: it is impossible to produce high concentration pearlescent masterbatch with single screw or the output is very low; The double screw rod extruder with experimental force and peak displacement holding function was used for granulation, but the pearlescent effect was seriously damaged; Direct dyeing, granulation or injection, but the pearlescent pigment is unevenly dispersed. Use Merck 5 After the cover plate is covered, iriodinwm8 can be tested, which helps to achieve strong pearlescent effect. The improvement of fluidity can reduce the screw speed in the processing of phase 1 with an annual capacity of about 100000 tons, so as to reduce the degree of damage to pearlescent pigment particles. At the same time, due to the great improvement of fluidity, it becomes a reality to use single screw extruder to replace twin-screw extruder with strong shear force to produce masterbatch

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