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The merger has changed in a year, and Guangzhou ethylene has reduced its losses.

as the largest enterprise merger project in China so far, Guangzhou ethylene, which involves debt of more than 7billion yuan, has been merged by Guangzhou petrochemical plant for one year. After careful organization of production and operation, Guangzhou ethylene with a design capacity of 150000 tons per year achieved output standards 22 days in advance in 2000, and produced 153100 tons of ethylene, polypropylene, polyethylene The output of polystyrene film and other products is 316200 tons; Guangzhou ethylene lost 136 million yuan in 2000, 261 million yuan less than that in 1999

last year, the increasing demand for ethylene products in the domestic market brought unprecedented good conditions and external opportunities for Guangzhou's ethylene production with high load, cost reduction and efficiency increase

Guangzhou Petrochemical and users can choose the appropriate specifications according to the product testing needs. The 10000 employees of the ethylene plant face up to the difficulties, strengthen their confidence, change pressure into power, and do a good job in production management with 100 times of diligence. The employees of the whole plant carried out the activity of "ensuring that 150000 tons of ethylene meet the standard", so that the high-quality rationalization suggestions gathered from the grass-roots people can be quickly converted into productivity in time

according to the favorable condition that the cost of Guangzhou Petrochemical is much lower, adjacent to Hong Kong and Macao and close to the economically developed areas of the Pearl River Delta, on the one hand, the information department timely captures the market supply and demand information, so as to timely adjust the product varieties according to the changing trend of product demand to make them marketable; On the other hand, adhere to the combination of scientific research and production, and develop new ethylene products that "no one has me", so as to improve the product competitiveness and market share of enterprises

last year, the whole plant successively developed and produced BOPP film special materials F400, injection grade polypropylene resin special materials j440 and j64. The other is various metal cutting equipment, transportation equipment, mining equipment, lifting equipment and archives of some instruments and meters 0, high-strength transparent polyethylene 530, polyethylene special film materials and other new products, which have achieved remarkable economic benefits

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