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Merkel visited the industrial 4.0 demonstration production line jointly developed by Shenyang Institute of automation and SAP company. Yu Haibin introduced the industrial 4.0 demonstration line to Merkel. On June 14, German Chancellor Merkel visited the industrial 4.0 demonstration production line jointly developed by Shenyang Institute of automation of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and SAP company of Germany, and showed great interest in the production line. Yu Haibin, director of Shenyang Automation Institute, introduced the first industrial 4.0 demonstration line in China to Chancellor Merkel in detail

Yu Haibin introduced the concept, characteristics and three typical application scenarios of the demonstration line. This industrial 4.0 demonstration production line integrates the advanced technologies of both sides, aiming to meet the personalized needs of users and achieve batch production. The reality is that the temperature in the engine is not so high, which is a new production mode. As a typical demonstration of the scientific and technological achievements of China Germany cooperation, it reflects the guiding ideology of the connection between made in China 2025 and German industry 4.0 proposed by the Chinese and German premiers. The demonstration production line has three great characteristics: first, wireless perception, second, modular design and interface standardization, and third, cloud analysis and management. The system can realize three typical intelligent manufacturing scenarios: first, the large-scale production of personalized customized products; Second, the production system dynamically adjusts and reorganizes its structure according to the changes of orders; The third is the dynamic adjustment of production system based on predictive maintenance. With the support of the strategic pilot project in the information field of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shenyang Automation Institute has broken through the core technologies supporting the above characteristics, including the independently developed wia-fa wireless communication technology, CPS intelligent management and control system, etc. While listening to the introduction of the production line, Merkel asked about the performance differences between the Xinsong robot and KUKA robot used in the production line, and Yu Haibin answered them in detail. Chancellor Merkel smiled and nodded his head in appreciation

sap is the world's largest provider of enterprise management and collaborative business solutions, the world's third largest independent software supplier, and the world's second largest cloud company. The materials and designs used in the manufacturing and processing of this demonstration production line, which Shenyang Institute of automation cooperates with SAP company, are the perfect combination of Sino German intelligent manufacturing technology. Shenyang Institute of automation and SAP will further strengthen cooperation, carry out the docking of technology and standards and market expansion, form an intelligent manufacturing standard system and series of products compatible with made in China 2025 and German industry 4.0, build a win-win intelligent manufacturing market and industry, and play a positive role in exploring an intelligent manufacturing technology standard system and solutions suitable for China's current situation, and promote the digitalization and intelligent transformation of enterprises. (industrial control network and System Research Office)

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