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When a mentally abnormal man died strangely by car, he was found to have multiple scars

Guangzhou Zhuhai news: a mentally abnormal man took a long-distance bus back home, took a rest on the way and disappeared after getting off the bus. After contacting him fruitlessly, the staff of the bus task left the place. However, later, when the man was found, he died strangely, and his family angrily sued the transportation company for compensation. In the first instance, the Zhuhai bizhou court held that the deceased had abnormal energy, and the branch had made a serious mistake in letting him take the long-distance bus alone. The plaintiff's transportation company should bear 20% compensation because it failed to detect the yield strength, tensile (compression, bending) strength, elongation, non-specific strength, elastic modulus and other parameters of the material in time. After the first trial, the transportation company appealed unevenly, and the problem of excess capacity was solved. The Zhuhai intermediate people's Court upheld the original judgment in the second instance

the man was found to have multiple scars

the court found that the cylinder head, gearbox and piston, which were also used to make cars, were manipulated at 11 a.m. on December 10, 2014. The deceased Li took a bus from Zhongshan to his hometown in Henan Province by a transportation company in Zhuhai. At 20:12, the bus got off the highway in Leiyang, Hunan Province and went to the surrounding restaurants for dinner. Li also got off the bus. After dinner, the bus driver checked the number of people and found that Li didn't get on the bus. After waiting at the dining address for more than half an hour, he still didn't see his trace, so he continued to go to Henan. Three days later, Li's body was found naked in a toilet in Gaotang village, Nanyang Town, Leiyang City. After the autopsy of the local public security bureau, Mr. Li's body was found to have multiple scars, mostly skin abrasions and scratches. These injuries were minor and even life-threatening. It was determined that the death of the deceased was not caused by external mechanical violence. The family members of the deceased thought that Li was acting abnormally under the car, and the staff of the bus didn't find out in time that the same, rescue and dining address he chose was also very remote, which was responsible for Li's death, so they filed a lawsuit for compensation

in the first instance of Zhuhai bizhou court, the transportation company was obliged to deliver Li to the destination safely. Li Mou's energy is abnormal, and his subordinates did not notice it or let him ride to Henan Lingding after discovering it. There is a serious mistake, and he should bear the primary responsibility for Li Mou's demise. The court of first instance ruled that a transportation company should bear 20% of the compensation for the death of Li. The transportation company appealed against the verdict of the trial. Keri, the second trial of the case decided to accept the plaintiff's appeal and maintain the original judgment

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