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The world-famous Daimler Chrysler company has recently launched a newly designed label recognition system for Mercedes Benz auto parts in the past few years. Its significant improvement is the use of holographic technology, especially for identifying the authenticity of parts related to automotive safety with absolute reliability

according to the detailed introduction of metal material fatigue testing machine, the serial number of each holographic anti-counterfeiting mark can make each original part trace back to its place of production and sales. Holographic anti-counterfeiting marks can make any traces of opening the package obvious, which ensures that the packaging material can only be used once. At the same time, this newly designed identification label provides consumers with clear, unified and comprehensive packaging content information. The identification label has the description of the product in English, French, German and Spanish languages, and it is clear at a glance because it displays the serial number of parts in the form of bar code. (Zeng Guangming)

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