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Brief analysis on the hazards of automobile painting in China

in China, the hazards of automobile painting mainly include the following three kinds:

1. Fire hazard

according to the special investigation, during the four years from 1993 to 1996 alone, there were about 2200 coating fire accidents in coating enterprises in economically developed areas in China, including 27 catastrophic fire accidents and 252 major fire accidents; Burning down 100000 square meters of workshops and other buildings, more than 700 sets of equipment, more than 70 casualties (including more than 50 deaths), and a direct economic loss of 113 million yuan

in addition, explosion accidents of painting workplaces and equipment caused by volatile combustible solvent vapor and combustible dust in painting materials also occur from time to time

2. Occupational health hazards

according to the analysis of publicly available domestic data (incomplete statistics from 1994 to 1997), the prevalence of benzene poisoning in painting workplaces is 1.05%, benzene induced aplastic anemia (hereinafter referred to as aplastic anemia) 15 (4 deaths), leukemia 7 (5 deaths); There were 54 cases of acute poisoning (6 deaths), including 22 cases of benzene poisoning (6 deaths). Lead poisoning still occurs. According to the survey of lead paint operations in Taiyuan, the prevalence of lead poisoning is 1.1%. At the same time, the dust environment in coating operation is also increasing, and the dust hazards at some dust operation points have not been effectively controlled. For example, a forging factory in Shanxi has imported 422 sets of presses in total in January and may, and the paint grinding operation has detected phase I silicosis (silicosis) workers, with a detection rate of 4%

with the popularization and application of new coatings and coating processes, the occupational hazards of new colleges and universities have emerged. There are many reports of occupational hazards that were not common in the past, such as: liver injury caused by radioactive luminous coating 59.5%, chronic pharyngitis caused by painting process 30.6%, allergic rhinitis 18.5%, occupational asthma caused by toluene diisocyanate, peripheral neuritis caused by electrophoretic coating. In addition, mainly due to the large-scale promotion of the wet process of pretreatment before coating, the harm of coating acid is becoming increasingly prominent, and the detection rate of tooth etch in acid pickling operation is 17.6%. However, the traditional dry pretreatment process can not be replaced in some aspects of how the electronic tensile machine measures, but the harm of heavy metals and silica dust is ignored, and the survey results in recent years are difficult to retrieve

3. Production environment pollution

estimated according to the paint output after 2000, the organic solvent discharged into the atmosphere during coating construction is more than 800000 tons, and its photochemical pollution hazards need to be carefully investigated. According to relevant investigations in Shanghai, the content of heavy metals in China's children's appliances treated with paint is significantly higher than the European community standard, and the blood lead level of children in Shenyang, Shanghai, Xi'an and other places is also higher than the American and Australian standards. The environmental harm of heavy metals in paint pigments to children and infants has not attracted extensive attention from relevant parties

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