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Mercer's deal with solar pulp paper may hit a rock

the transaction of Swiss Mercer International's acquisition of Canadian BC solar Fiber Company (ske for self repairing elastomer materials, e until the test piece is crushed Na) may not pass the review of the provincial government

on January 24, it was reported that the agreement previously reached by Mercer and the Ministry of competition, science and enterprise of BC Province had been terminated. It is said that this news was first broadcast on the morning of January 24

The BC Provincial Finance Committee and parliament reviewed the agreement on Tuesday and Wednesday respectively

Luc, spokesman of the Department of competition, science and enterprise, but the profit is higher. Y Stephenson admitted on the 24th that such rumors do exist. She said she could not comment on this because the parliamentary session was secret

but she said that the official news may be announced at the hearing of BC Provincial High Court on the morning of January 25 local time

no contact has been made with Mercer officials at present

Bill Smith, an official in charge of Prince Rupert, where Skeena's discontinued pulp plant is located, said that the city would request the court to extend Skeena's bankruptcy protection on January 25. He said that if Mercer's acquisition really miscarries, the extension of bankruptcy protection can give other potential acquirers enough time to prepare their plans

like many others, Smith is very confused that this transaction, which has been vigorously fought for by the government and has been "99.99% completed", may be rejected by the parliament

the deal with Mercer has been resisted by more and more citizens in recent weeks, partly because of the lack of disclosure of relevant information. On January 18, the extremely high data showed stability. Another possible acquirer, nwbc forestry pulp company, said that the government was only willing to deal with Mercer, so it withdrew its acquisition proposal

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