Introduction of the advantages and disadvantages o

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Introduction to the advantages and disadvantages of water-soluble polyurethane plugging agent

first, the main advantages of water-soluble polyurethane plugging agent:

water-soluble polyurethane plugging agent has strong adhesion to inorganic materials such as cement and metal, and water-soluble polyurethane plugging agent itself is very corrosion-resistant; Excellent mechanical properties, wear resistance, impact resistance. It can be made into solvent-free or high solid water-soluble polyurethane plugging agent; Resistant to organic solvents, heat and water; The coating is non-toxic

II. Disadvantages of water-soluble polyurethane plugging agent:

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the weather resistance of water-soluble polyurethane plugging agent is poor, and it may appear pulverization after a long time of sunlight, so it can only be used for primer or interior paint; Poor decoration, various hardware conditions are actually imperfect, and the gloss is not easy to maintain; The listed companies of water-soluble polyrefractories actively responded to the high requirements for the construction environment of urethane plugging agent, and the film solidified slowly at low temperature, which had a poor effect; Many varieties need high temperature curing, and the investment of coating equipment is large

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