Introduction of the hottest air-fuel ratio sensor

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Introduction of air-fuel ratio sensor

with the development of automobile industry and the continuous increase of automobile ownership, automobile energy conservation and emission reduction technology has been paid more and more attention. The vehicle air-fuel ratio sensor can automatically detect the vehicle mixture concentration at different levels. 4. The sample inlay and automatic adjustment by computer are important applications of energy-saving and emission reduction technology. Through the continuous summary of recent teaching practice and maintenance practice, the structural principle and maintenance method of air-fuel ratio sensor are described to solve the technical problems of air-fuel ratio sensor in maintenance operation

with the progress of society and the continuous development of the automobile industry, people pay more and more attention to the problem of automobile exhaust emission, and the automobile exhaust emission standard of disassembling the safety valve regulating screw is also becoming more and more strict. In order to meet the standard of exhaust emission, various experiments are becoming complex and long-term. The control device for effectively controlling exhaust emission has been applied to cars. As an important device to effectively control exhaust emissions, the oxygen sensor can provide the engine computer (referred to as ECU) with the feedback signal of the air-fuel ratio of the mixture, and enable the engine to achieve the purpose of controlling the theoretical air-fuel (14.7:1) under the working condition of small load, realize the closed-loop control, and achieve the best conversion effect of the three-way catalytic converter. In particular, the air-fuel ratio sensor, a new type of oxygen sensor that has been gradually popularized, can accurately detect the oxygen concentration in the exhaust gas under different working conditions of the engine, and timely transmit the signal to the computer for accurate calculation and control of the mixture concentration, so that the engine can achieve a better air-fuel ratio, better combustion, more power, lower fuel consumption and less emission pollution, Now many new models have been gradually installed and used

as a new type of oxygen sensor, the air-fuel ratio sensor is made of the same material as the conventional oxygen sensor, which is non-toxic and pollution-free. However, due to the non-l-j structure, the performance of the air-fuel ratio sensor is very different from that of the conventional oxygen sensor. Therefore, it is necessary to study the output characteristics and performance characteristics of the air-fuel ratio

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