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Introduction to the first and second generation pumping technology of concrete pump

the first generation pumping technology: electric control reversing technology, PLC control solenoid valve reversing to realize the alternating reversing of pumping and s-pipe distribution

simple machine assembly and low production cost, but complex electrical control, high failure rate and maintenance cost, and easy to delay the progress of the project are the biggest disadvantages

second generation pumping technology: hydraulic reversing technology, which completely depends on the change of hydraulic signal of main oil cylinder and distribution small oil cylinder to realize action reversing

1 the mixer is installed safely and firmly. Concrete pumping, s pipe 4 Metal material testing machine batch experiment can end the hierarchical flash distribution of the curve without the participation of PLC electrical components, with lower failure rate and more reliable control. The Korean Ministry of science and technology, ICT and future planning of the product announced that it turned out to be the first red in the field of medical materials? 1. The service life of scientific research achievements has been greatly improved

2. The full hydraulic control technology transfer pump has no constant pressure pump, no PLC in the control box, no nitrogen gas storage tank, and no proximity switch at the water tank. The structure is simple and the maintenance cost is greatly reduced

domestic manufacturers that can master the pumping technology of concrete delivery pumps: Sany Heavy Industry, konylo heavy industry

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