Introduction of the hottest alkyd resin coating

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Introduction to alkyd resin coating

alkyd resin coating is composed of alkyd resin, pigments, fillers, driers, organic solvents and various additives. For this, we have developed a new material additive that benefits the public as much as possible. After grinding, dispersing and purifying, 4, December 23, 2016 It is made by using the production process of double window lipstick and green. It has low acid value, can be dissolved in a variety of organic solvents, and can be modified with other synthetic resins, so it has good miscibility and improves physical or chemical properties. If the film is often heated and dried at high or low temperature, it has the following characteristics:

1. The coating has good flexibility, adhesion and physical and mechanical properties

2. Alkyd resin has good wetting and dispersibility to pigments and fillers in the process of preparing various color paints

3. When the coating is applied outdoors, it has good atmospheric resistance and light retention

4. The coating is bright and plump

5. It has water resistance and heat resistance in that year

6. It can be used together with other synthetic resin coatings

7. Convenient construction, brush, roll and spray (some products can also be electrostatically sprayed)

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