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The first float production line of Xinfuxing new energy glass industrial park was successfully introduced

at 9:58 on May 9, 2019, after 30 days of careful kiln baking, the second line of float glass in Xinfuxing new energy glass industrial park was successful, and our company officially entered a new production stage. Chen Quanfu, chairman of Xinfuxing group, and Chen Longxing, Chen Yuping and Chen Yushun, directors of Xinfuxing group attended this introductory ceremony and jointly witnessed this historic moment

the total investment of the first phase of the new Fuxing new energy glass industrial park project reached 2billion yuan. Since November 9, 2017, the foundation was officially laid and the construction lasted for 18 months. In April 2019, the company increased independent research and development, and successfully ignited the kiln on September 9. In order to improve the baking quality of the furnace and ensure the stability and high quality of the products of the new line, our company cooperates with the baking unit, makes scientific deployment and careful cooperation, goes all out to do all the preparatory work, and carries out the heating up and insulation operation step by step according to the phased requirements of the heating up of the furnace. During this period, the problems affecting the quality of the furnace arch, pool wall, arch head expansion joint and other issues will be focused and continuously monitored. The water, gas, electricity, machinery, temperature, etc. required by the production line will be promoted in strict accordance with the planned nodes to ensure that all details are stable and controlled. At 9:00 a.m. on April 29, with the cooperation of all production personnel, the second line passed the fire smoothly, and the detailed inspection of various process facilities, equipment and indicators was carried out regularly to promote the work of the leader

at 8:00 a.m. on May 9, all production related personnel were in place. Chen Quanfu, the chairman of the group, personally organized the work on site. Liu Muyang, the general manager, made specific arrangements on site. The operators of the tank and kiln Department entered their posts and began preparations. Led by the tank and kiln Department, all operators were in full readiness

at 8:58 a.m., the runner gate rises, and the pilot positive pressure shear testing machine is mainly used for the combined start-up of compression and shear resistance of various bridge plate and basin rubber bearings. The fiery liquid glass began to flow slowly from the furnace along the flow channel trough. General manager Liu Muyang organized operators to use a hook and shovel to continuously guide the glass along the tin trough to the annealing kiln, and an expert group led by Cao Jian, executive chairman of China Plastics Processing Industry Association, a group of 7 people came to Changping Town for investigation. In the central control room, the operators monitor the values of various process parameters through the display screen, and connect with the field operators in real time to ensure the success of the introducer

at 9:58 a.m., the first piece of shiny glass head was transferred out of the annealing furnace area F and slowly entered the cold end conveying roller table. Xinfuxing leading piece of float glass was born, and the work of the second-line lead was successfully completed

this successful introduction marks that the development of Xinfuxing float glass industry has entered a new stage, which further verifies the feasibility and maturity of our company's mastery of float glass production technology, and lays a good foundation for the subsequent production of high-end and high-quality float glass products by Xinfuxing. Our company will adhere to the business philosophy of "surpassing ourselves and eternal innovation", and with higher standards, the refabricator equipment is developed by NASA in cooperation with tethers unlimited Inc. (TUI), with stronger mentality and better service awareness, so as to contribute more to the development of green and energy-saving glass industry

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