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Introduction to Barton field multi-layer coextrusion film blowing equipment

with the development of the packaging industry and related industries, although a single film still maintains part of the market share of the main way for the public to put forward opinions, it can no longer meet the needs of flexible packaging. Two layer, three-layer and multi-layer coextrusion films have the characteristics of low cost, good comprehensive performance, safety and environmental protection, and are widely used in food packaging and other fields, It has won the satisfaction of customers and has a good development prospect. 5. In addition, cooking resistant film, antistatic film, high barrier film, nano film... Functional plastic packaging film has become the direction and goal of research

in order to obtain the ideal film effect, the relevant film blowing and coextrusion composite equipment needs to meet different base requirements

single film blowing equipment mainly produces ordinary packaging, garbage bags, agricultural film, etc., which can meet the needs of low-end products

through two kinds of films with different properties of coextrusion composite equipment, its physical properties and strength are greatly improved, so that the film has excellent barrier, air tightness and transparency; Since high barrier films and heavy packaging bags are used for food packaging, more than two kinds of films need to be coextruded to achieve the effects of moisture-proof, antifouling, anti-counterfeiting, folding resistance, wear resistance and so on

the following is a list of film blowing equipment that attracted the attention of many soft packaging enterprises at this exhibition

single layer full rotation die blowing production line

product model: sj45/30-bl800 sj45/30-bl1200 sj50/30-bl1300 sj50/30-bl1400 sj65/30-bl1400 sj65/30-bl1600 sj65/30-bl1800

film thickness: 0.01~0.16mm

film thickness uniformity error: ± 8%

film application: composite film substrate, liquid film, film protected in microscope room, PE heat shrinkable film, ordinary packaging, garbage bag, plastic film agricultural film, etc

two-layer and three-layer coextrusion traction rotating composite film production line

performance characteristics of the unit:

1. The tractor adopts horizontal swing rotation, with stable rotation and stepless rotation speed. L) curve traversal: after the experiment is completed, the next section

2. Replace the membrane head rotation and simplify the membrane head structure. The protection of columns, beams and bridge decks completely solves the problems of material leakage, difficult sealing and difficult maintenance caused by membrane head rotation

3. Overcome the quality problems such as the big and small ends and elastic edges of the film roll, and ensure the good flatness of the film

4. EPS pneumatic hydraulic linkage deviation correction system, automatic deviation correction and guidance, and neat winding

5. The air cushion guide steel roll and the new flat film flattening roll rotate and guide, and the film is neat and flat

6. High precision film tools and air ring cooling system ensure good thickness uniformity of film and high production efficiency

7. Advanced and reliable electrical operation system

8. Suitable raw materials: LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE, EVA, etc

multi-layer coextrusion high-speed film blowing production line

film blowing equipment manufacturer bartonfield Plastic Technology Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of German SMS plastic technology group, one of the largest plastic machinery manufacturers today. Because it uses the core technology of American bartonfield Gloucester engineering company and combines the advantages of local manufacturing in China, their multi-layer coextrusion is to improve the accuracy, transparency and Unique design is adopted in terms of output and efficiency. It is mainly reflected in the core parts of the production line, such as air-cooled extruder, center feeding multi-layer coextrusion die head, automatic film thickness air ring, IBC film bubble internal cooling system and vertical or horizontal rotating traction, which are at the forefront of technology in the industry

combined with closed-loop wall thickness control, the workstation type whole line control system with powerful functions and easy operation can provide the strictest processing parameter control. The single-layer and multi-layer coextrusion blown film production lines have become domestic film manufacturers to improve productivity and efficiency and improve product quality, providing greater choice space

bartonfield's blown film production line is very suitable for the production of the following films: deep processing films for printing, compounding and coating, high transparency films for automated packaging and bags, high barrier films for food packaging, heavy packaging bags, winding films, shrink films, pharmaceutical packaging, construction and agricultural films

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