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Introduction of bar code label paper

in order to get a perfect label, in addition to configuring a high-quality bar code printer, a reasonable choice of label paper is also a very important link. At present, self-adhesive labels are widely used in the bar code printer industry

the self-adhesive label is composed of release paper, face paper and the adhesive used to bond the two. The release paper is commonly known as the base paper, and its surface is oily. The base paper has an isolating effect on the adhesive, so it is used as the attachment of the face paper to ensure that the face paper can be easily peeled off from the base paper. The backing paper is divided into ordinary backing paper and glassine backing paper. The ordinary backing paper is rough and thick through a series of material innovation and technological progress. According to its color, it has yellow, white, etc. the self-adhesive backing paper commonly used in the general printing industry is an economic yellow backing paper. The spring steel sup6 for glassine coil spring is a kind of Si Mn spring steel. The base paper is dense and uniform, with good internal strength and light transmittance. It is a common material for making bar code labels

its common colors are blue and white. The label paper we usually talk about is coated paper, thermal paper, etc. refers to facial paper. Tissue paper is the carrier of label printing content, which is divided into coated paper, thermal paper, pet, PVC and other categories according to its material. The back of the face paper is coated with adhesive, which on the one hand ensures the proper adhesion between the bottom paper and the face paper, and on the other hand ensures that the face paper can have strong adhesion with the paste after being stripped. Here are several common label papers for your reference: coated paper label: it is a common material for bar code printers, and its thickness is generally about 80g. It is widely used in supermarkets, inventory management, clothing tags, industrial production lines and other places where coated paper labels are used more. According to the sales of sky bar code labels for many years, among various brands at home and abroad, American Eli paper and Japanese Prince paper have the best user feedback, especially American Eli coated label paper has the best performance. Its white ultra smooth coating free paper can realize constant stress, constant strain, constant displacement and other control modes. It is an excellent basic material for heat transfer printing Pet advanced label paper pet is the English abbreviation of polyester film. In fact, it is a kind of polymer material. Pet has good hardness and brittleness, and its common colors include silver, white and bright white. According to the thickness, there are 25 times (1 times =1um), 50 times, 75 times and other specifications, which are related to the actual requirements of the manufacturer

pet is widely used in many special occasions, such as batteries, computer monitors, air conditioning compressors, etc., because of its excellent dielectric properties, good antifouling, scratch resistance, high temperature resistance and other properties. In addition, pet paper has good natural degradability, which has increasingly attracted the attention of manufacturers. PVC advanced label paper PVC is the English abbreviation of vinyl. It is also a kind of polymer material. The common colors are sub white and pearl white. PVC is similar to pet in performance. It has better flexibility and soft feel than pet. It is often used in jewelry, jewelry, clocks, electronics, metal industry and other high-end occasions. However, the degradation of PVC is poor, which has a negative impact on environmental protection. Some foreign developed countries have begun to develop alternative products in this regard. Thermal paper is a paper material treated with high thermal sensitivity thermal sensitive coating. The surface material with high sensitivity can be applied to low-voltage print heads, so the wear of print heads is minimal. Thermal paper is a kind of thermal paper specially used in electronic scales and cash registers. The simplest way to test thermal paper is to scratch it with your fingernails, which will leave a black scratch. Thermal paper is suitable for shelves such as refrigerators and freezers. Its size is mostly fixed at 40mmx60mm Standard

, which is some of the properties of "common self-adhesive labels". As a pure paper label, another kind that is widely used is clothing tag. In view of the characteristics of clothing itself, the commonly used clothing tags are mostly double-sided coated paper, and the thickness of coated paper used for clothing tags is generally between 160g-300g. However, the clothing tag with too thick thickness is suitable for printing, and the clothing tag printed by bar code printer should be about 180g, so as to ensure good printing effect and protect the print head

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