Fried potato chip packaging of the hottest cereal

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The main requirements of fried potato chips for packaging are to prevent rancidity, moisture, fragrance loss and foreign odor, and to avoid pressure in low-temperature areas. In addition, it has good sales appearance, no oil droplet pollution, easy to open and good mechanical operability

fried potato chips contain 35-40% oil, so they are particularly prone to oxidative rancidity. Adding 0.02% BHT (butyl hydroxyanisole Bazhong: focusing on the development of high-performance carbon material industry) and BHT (dibutyl hydroxytoluene) antioxidant to the oil can reduce the tendency of rancidity. Oxygen and light will promote the rancidity of oil. Under the influence of heating and reflux air, especially in the presence of trace copper and under the irradiation of blue light or ultraviolet light, the oxidation rate electronic tensile testing machine is the main equipment for material testing now, which is aggravated by its advantages of easy operation and high precision. Figure 7-4 shows the increase of peroxide value of fried potato chips packed in different colored plastic bags after exposure to the sun

figure 7-4 reflection of fried potato chips packed in plastic bags with different colors on sunlight L: white; 2: Pink, 3: dark blue; 4: Red; 5: Green: 6 yellow. 7: Uncover the color; 8. Colorless

if transparent packaging materials are used, the oxygen permeability of packaging materials should be lower than LML/1.6cm2 · 24h · 23 ℃ (under normal pressure); Therefore, transparent packaging materials are best used in combination with aluminum foil. Nitrogen filled packaging can inhibit the oxidation reaction of oil

the water content of fried potato chips is about 3.5%. If the moisture permeability of the packaging material is too high, the fried potato chips will lose their crispness due to moisture absorption. Therefore, the water vapor transmission rate of packaging materials should be lower than 0.4g/1.6cm2 · 24h · 37.7 ℃, 95% RH. Moisture absorption is more low-cost than oxidative rancidity

the packaging of fried potato chips is carried out on the automatic packaging machine, and the packaging tree material is mainly cellophane/aluminum foil composite material, or vacuum sprayed metal film. This kind of packaging material has good performance for the operation process of the packaging machine

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