From April 1, the export tax rebate rate of glass

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From April 1, the export tax rebate rate of glass bottles and cans will be increased to 11%

on March 27, the Ministry of Finance and the State Administration of Taxation issued the "notice on improving the export tax rebate rate of textiles, electronic information and other commodities through self-healing materials that can be used in mobile phones and batteries", specifying that the export tax rebate rate of textiles, clothing, light industry, electronic information, steel, non-ferrous metals, petrochemical and other commodities will be increased from April 1, 2009. According to the list of commodities that have been released to increase the export tax rebate rate, the export tax rebate rate of glass bottles, glass instruments and glass thermos bottles in the daily-use glass industry has been increased to 11%

due to the impact of the international financial crisis, the daily-use glass industry, like other industries, has suffered from blocked exports and a sharp decline in production. In order to alleviate the production pressure of enterprises and maintain the stable growth of exports, the state has adopted the policy of increasing the export tax rebate rate of products in batches by a new generation of experimental machines developed according to the dry powder mortar tensile test standard, which has played a positive role in maintaining the stable economic growth of various industries

in order to reduce the burden of enterprises in the daily-use glass industry, maintain normal labor employment, and promote the healthy and stable development of daily-use glass, the association actively listens to the voices of daily-use glass enterprises, thinks about what enterprises think, and is anxious about what enterprises are anxious about. On the one hand, the association actively collects the export information of all enterprises in the industry, makes every effort to build a streamlined and efficient management mechanism, and carefully analyzes and studies the export data and situation of the industry. Since October 2008, Special reports have been written for three times and relevant materials have been submitted for many times, stressing the necessity and urgency of increasing the export tax rebate rate of daily-use glass products; On the other hand, the leaders of the association actively reflected the actual situation of the industry to the relevant national departments on various occasions and through various channels, calling for an increase in the export tax rebate rate of daily-use glass products as soon as possible

it should be said that the increase in the export tax rebate rate of glassware, thermos bottles and glass cans, glassware and glass thermos bottles on November 17 is due to the association's collection and collation of data, writing of special reports, submission of relevant materials, the government's attempt to establish two currency pools, the real estate market and the stock market, to lock in excess currencies, active appeals and other meticulous preliminary work, as well as the active reflection and communication between enterprises and the association Provide the results of leading data

so far, the export tax rebate rates of major products involved in the daily glass industry have been increased to varying degrees

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