From emotion detection to data tracking, face reco

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From emotion detection to data tracking, face recognition has a bright future

in today's era, we have ushered in the beginning of the rapid development of face recognition technology. At present, face recognition technology is usually used to improve security. However, with the high development of computing power, edge processing, cloud computing and artificial intelligence, face recognition can do more and has great development potential. In the future, face recognition can be used for emotion detection, age detection and gender detection, as well as visitor data tracking

emotion detection

emotion detection can not only identify people, but also judge their emotions. Therefore, emotion detection will become the next place for face recognition

in the field of education, the application of emotion detection technology has attracted much attention. Face recognition technology can be used to detect school attendance and even the attention of primary school students. For example, a middle school in Hangzhou is trying to use face recognition technology to detect students and their finances. Scanning every 30 seconds, the face recognition system can determine various emotions of students. If students' attention drops, the system can also remind teachers, provide data for teachers, and help teachers improve their courses

in the business field, emotion recognition also has great development prospects. For example, some small loan companies have begun to analyze facial expressions to determine whether the applicant is willing to repay the loan. This will help reduce fraud and promote loan growth in rural areas

emotion detection allows stores to monitor customers' feelings when shopping, so that they can deal with problems earlier. Moreover, for security purposes, anyone who is depressed or suspicious can be found

at present, face recognition technology provides a large amount of character data for enterprises to form the world's first fully automatic solid-state lithium-ion battery production line. Emotion detection will give the reasons behind the characters' actions, so as to help companies better understand customer needs

age detection and gender judgment

face recognition systems are increasingly good at determining people's age. In addition to helping collect demographic statistics, age detection algorithms are also very useful in retail environments. If someone is too young to buy some goods, the system will warn the clerk. Through accurate age detection, retailers can better bear their laws and reduce some unnecessary troubles

taking the transition process of mutual weighing in via smart retail as an example, it can accurately detect the age and gender of visitors, create black-and-white lists, and customize special deployment needs. The system is equipped with a high-performance Qualcomm snapdragon 820e embedded platform, supports up to four video streams from CSI, USB and IP cameras, and ensures seamless cloud integration with Taihe wireless network connection features

system with emotion, age and visitor tracking functions

with the development of science and technology, via electronics has injected AI technology into the embedded platform with its 30-year accumulated cpu/gpu experience, creating a high-performance, low-power and high-quality AI embedded platform. Taking face recognition technology as an example, via has developed an intelligent access control management system. The system has the functions of expression, 10% year-on-year decline in the amount of imported waste paper in 2017, age, gender detection, and visitor tracking. It can also create a black-and-white list to allow or deny work access. In addition, it can be configured to meet the requirements of specific security and monitoring applications

main functions include:

1, access control and attendance statistics of staff and approved visitors

2. Mark and refuse untrusted visitors to prevent potential theft and destruction

3. Quickly track, count and find each person

4. Monitor and send alerts for suspicious people, objects and activities

the design of the smart access control management system of via is flexible, which provides sufficient space for the development and integration of more applications and services, and can meet the needs of building access and security management in the future. In the future, the face recognition system will enable the pendulum impact sample system technology to do more. For example, it can automatically monitor pickpockets at work, etc. Of course, law enforcement agencies can also find criminals faster and prevent terrorist attacks through automatic scanning of surveillance video

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