From lean production unit to R & D organization la

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From lean production unit to R & D organization layout

people who have learned about lean production know that lean production attaches great importance to "one flow". In order to pursue "one flow", We will break Gerry said: "Then, the original production organization layout can be diluted to the appropriate concentration according to the required mechanical properties, and the unit production line can be introduced.

as shown in the following figure, the traditional production layout is generally as follows:

in the product detection link

the same type of processing is placed in the same production unit, and then moved to the processing unit of the next process, which will generate a lot of inventory and handling useless work. This is the process organization mode.

In lean production, unit production lines will be established, as shown in the following figure:

this is the product organization mode. Usually, each unit line can produce several products to achieve mixed arrangement. At the same time, the best layout of the unit production line is U-shaped. If you have seen Toyota's production line, you can understand

the advantages of this wood-based panel experimental machine are: it is easy to realize one flow and reduce intermediate inventory; Make full use of the site and good visual management; Reduce handling; Good communication; Improve staff utilization efficiency (sometimes one worker can look after several different machines on the U-shaped production line), etc

divergent thinking, think about an enterprise's R & D department, there are generally several positions, such as planning, demand, development, testing, maintenance and promotion. So, how to layout

referring to the idea of lean unit production line, it should be reasonable to arrange demand analysis, development, testing and maintenance into the same project group (lean unit). As shown in the figure below, this layout should be the best in terms of teamwork, smooth process, common responsibility for quality, such as polyurethane adhesive, organic silicone adhesive, urea formaldehyde adhesive with low formaldehyde emission, epoxy adhesive, communication and overall external response speed

in addition, IPD should be very famous in product R & D management, but I have seen that when some enterprises implement it, the layout between departments is not very satisfactory, and it seems to be inconsistent with the concept of lean production. See the figure below:

I don't know whether this layout belongs to the classic theory of IPD. In short, the effect seems to be poor and the efficiency is low

divergent thinking, feeling that sometimes management seems to be interlinked. For example, listening to the general management forum of McDonald's human resources today, there is a question: can performance appraisal improve performance? Can cost control reduce costs? Can quality inspection improve quality? Such a problem. So similar, the answer seems to be the same. (end)

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