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From "using frequency conversion to exchange ships with cheaper prices for going to sea" to "shipbuilding to go to sea", Maanshan enterprises accelerated their "going out"

Abstract: "a semi-automatic rotor spinning machine produced by us has a maximum speed of nearly 120000 rpm, and its overall performance has reached the world's advanced level. Its products are exported to Southeast Asia and other places, and its sales are very good."

Recently, Ren Xiumin, the administrative manager of Anhui RIFA Textile Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "RIFA textile"), was busy rushing export orders. As a leading enterprise in the mechanical equipment manufacturing industry, RIFA textile was officially completed and put into operation in Ma'anshan demonstration park in 2015. It mainly produces intelligent textile machinery production lines such as double twister, rotor spinning machine, seamless underwear machine, and its products are sold all over the world

"our semi-automatic rotor spinning machine has a maximum speed of nearly 120000 rpm, and its overall performance has reached the world's advanced level. The products are exported to Southeast Asia and other places, and the sales situation is very good." Renxiumin said

what makes renxiumin proud is not only the continuous flow of export orders, but also the investment of RIFA textile in technology research and development. "The company insists on using 5% of its annual sales revenue for research and development, and cooperates with universities such as China University of science and technology and Zhejiang University to constantly introduce new models."

RIFA textile is an epitome of Maanshan enterprises' accelerating "going global". In recent years, with the continuous improvement of the level of opening up, more and more "made in Ma'anshan" have taken advantage of the "the Belt and Road" to actively explore the international market. According to statistics, as of July 11 this year, there were 48 foreign economic cooperation enterprises in Ma'anshan, including 48 projects under construction by 16 enterprises participating in the construction of the "the Belt and Road", with a total investment of US $32.19 million

Anhui Jiancheng international economic and Technical Cooperation Co., Ltd. is a construction service enterprise in Ma'anshan. By implementing the "going out" strategy, it not only expanded its business to Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa and other countries and regions, but also tried to "ship to sea" - it was listed on the main board of the Australian Stock Exchange in 2016, becoming the first overseas listing share of China's construction service industry, Become the pioneer and leader of China's construction service industry

"the company's overseas business is mainly in the construction service industry. At present, there are more than 10 projects. I think the most fundamental thing of 'going global' is to integrate into the local culture and achieve common integration with the local. Through the transformation of human resources, we should improve the labor skills of workers, and at the same time, we should make workers more adapt to the local cultural environment, so as to leverage more market resources." The relative humidity of Anhui Jiancheng international economic and Technological Cooperation Co., Ltd. is no more than 80%, said Yang Lei, human resources manager

Yang Lei told Xinhua Anhui channel, "many enterprises, including Jiancheng international, initially participated in overseas projects through joint efforts with large enterprises to master inappropriate industries through the square scraping method, and went out through 'borrowing ships to sea'. In the future, the company will continue to improve its internationalization level and promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries. Why is this really achieved? From 'borrowing ships to sea' to 'shipbuilding to sea'."

in recent years, more and more MAANSHAN enterprises have joined the ranks of "going global". In 2011, China 17th Metallurgical Group Co., Ltd. signed the Kuwait University Town petroleum engineering college project, with a cumulative contract amount of 515.39 million US dollars; In 2013, Ma'anshan Huizhi Biotechnology Co., Ltd. established ccbio Food Co., Ltd. in Thailand, and expanded its investment to establish CC Glass Group Co., Ltd. in 2015, with an investment of $9.66 million, becoming Ma'anshan's largest enterprise in Southeast Asia; In 2016, Ma'anshan Zhongji Chengjian Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. invested US $12.3 million to set up a company in Bangladesh...

Bowang District, Ma'anshan City is known as "the first town of China's shearing and folding machine tools". Many leading enterprises in this area, such as Donghai machine tools, Zhongya machine tools, henglun CNC machine tools, Gelder CNC machine tools, firmly grasp the major development opportunities of the "the Belt and Road" and continue to expand overseas markets. Over the past three years, the export volume of Bowang machine tool series products has increased by an average of 10%. Among them, Valin western kitchen, Central Asia machine tool and other enterprises reached 30%

"Ma'anshan actively leads enterprises to 'go global', guides enterprises to go out to sea and explore markets along the 'the Belt and Road', showing the characteristics of flowers blooming and spring." Liu Jing, deputy director of Ma'anshan Bureau of Commerce, said, "in recent years, Ma'anshan enterprises' the Belt and Road 'market has expanded day by day, the types of projects have become more diversified, and the momentum of development in multiple fields is strong."

the wind is gathering strength. According to Liu Jing, Ma'anshan takes participation in the construction of the "the Belt and Road" as an important work to build a new inland open highland, promotes the layout of traditional advantageous industries such as steel, equipment manufacturing and construction machinery, and strives for financial support from various parties to alleviate the financial pressure on enterprises to carry out international production capacity cooperation. "We encourage large enterprises with advantages to participate in foreign investment through mergers, acquisitions, equity participation and other ways to mobilize the enthusiasm of enterprise development."

"Ma'anshan will conscientiously implement the provincial Party committee and provincial government's" opinions on building a new inland open land ", give full play to the regional advantages of Yongjiang offshore and Anhui" East Gate ", actively integrate into the national 'three strategies', make overall use of international and domestic markets and resources, and comprehensively improve the level of open economy." Wei Yao, Secretary of Ma'anshan municipal Party committee, said

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