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Automotive aftermarket industry integration accelerates brand war instead of price war

the earliest classification of automotive aftermarket is based on the sequence of front and rear sales of finished vehicles. Automotive aftermarket industry is referred to as aftermarket for short

the automotive aftermarket can be broadly divided into seven industries: automobile maintenance industry; Auto finance industry; Automotive IT industry; Therefore, the localization of automobile as soon as possible can enable more ordinary patients to benefit from the automobile fine products, supplies, beauty, quick repair and refitting industry, also known as the automobile maintenance industry; Automobile maintenance and accessories industry; Automobile culture and automobile sports industry; Used car and car rental industry; Post market alliance platform integration

the two major factors that affect the demand of the automotive aftermarket are the number of automobiles and the profit structure of the automotive industry chain. In terms of car ownership, China's car output will reach or even exceed 200million by 2018. In the automotive industry chain of mature countries, the automotive aftermarket accounts for%, while China currently accounts for only about 10%, and there is still much room for improvement

the profit of automobile market is transferred to the backward market

at present, China's automobile industry is also under the best policy background. The national measures to stimulate domestic demand have brought great opportunities to brand enterprises, and the surrounding and after-sales products of automobiles will also benefit directly. The booming sales growth of the automobile industry has brought about a rapid increase in the number of cars. Therefore, the market is also required to provide matching high-quality after-sales services

according to the general law of the development of foreign automobile industry: with the continuous upgrading of consumer demand, the focus of competition in the automobile industry will gradually shift from the automobile itself to the relevant services after the purchase of the automobile, thus forming a huge "automobile after market", mainly including the automobile maintenance industry, automobile maintenance and parts industry, automobile maintenance industry, used cars and automobile leasing industry. During the 12th Five Year Plan period, with the support of national policies, the development prospect of the automotive aftermarket is bright. Build a reasonable development system, improve the overall quality of employees, gradually build products with their own brands as the core, and keep pace with the mature foreign automotive aftermarket. The profits of the whole automobile industry will be transferred to the backward market in a large proportion

nonstandard multi-channel terminal services

at present, the automotive aftermarket can replace some foreign fixtures in five major channels to a certain extent: first, the automotive 4S station; Second, traditional large and medium-sized maintenance plants; Third, roadside car repair shops; Fourth, special automobile service stores; Fifth, the brand fast repair beauty decoration chain store. Due to the low concentration, size, equipment investment, personnel quality, location convenience, service quality, service time and charging standards, the five channels have different requirements for production enterprises in terms of product profit demand, product quality and service requirements in different channels. Therefore, the management difficulty is also increased, and they are faced with the situation of mutual conflict, collusion and disorderly prices at any time

China's automotive aftermarket is very active with different forms on the surface, but in essence, the good and bad are intermingled, and few brands have been formed. On the whole, it is still in a state of chaos

development trend of automotive aftermarket

● industry integration will continue, and enterprises with poor overall competitive strength will face reshuffle. The general trend of automotive aftermarket development will be that the number of brands will decrease, while the trend of brand specialization and centralization is obvious, and a large number of well-known brands will be concentrated in the hands of a few enterprises. The development trend of the same industry is the same, tending to monopoly and scale

● the advent of the era of meager profits with the increasingly fierce market competition and the continuous standardization of the marketing market, the era of huge profits in the automotive post market industry has passed, followed by a meager profit era. In the past, the net profit was as high as 30%-40%, or even more. Now, the general profit of enterprises is only%, while the profit of individual products in some local markets is only 5%-10%

● brand war will replace price war, quality war and price war. It has always been the preferred sound and light alarm device in the sales of medium and low-end products in the automotive post marketing field; Torque direction identification; Multiple peak holding; It is a means for power display and low power prompt, which can reduce production costs and provide consumers with preferential prices by relying on their own productivity, advanced equipment and management, and relatively smooth marketing channels. With the continuous improvement of people's material living conditions, brand products have a broader market than cheap products. Brand effect makes customers willing to accept its higher pricing and have a broader profit space. Therefore, in the future automotive post marketing field, brand war will replace price war and quality war

● brand building is separated from production and operation. In order to occupy the market more effectively, the existing manufacturing and marketing industry will develop towards two poles. Some of them will become professional enterprises to build brands. They operate brands rather than products themselves. Some of them even have no factories. The other part will become a professional production enterprise, and they don't have to consider the market and distribute by themselves. The brand operators will place orders for production. This separation between brand building and production and operation is conducive to focusing on production and brand building with a large amount of capital, and developing towards the direction of specialization. The development of production to order type is conducive to the realization of planned production. So that the marketing can concentrate on building a strong brand, and it is possible to develop the brand abroad

● more automotive aftermarket enterprises will acquire small and medium-sized enterprises with successful brand wars by "copying". When orders increase, they sometimes feel that their production capacity is insufficient. In addition to expanding their production scale, these enterprises will also entrust other enterprises to produce. However, sometimes due to technical capacity, equipment problems and other reasons, the quality is often not guaranteed, so there will be the practice of purchasing small and medium-sized enterprises in the form of "replication"

the so-called "copy" is to require and standardize the acquired enterprise according to its own mode, style and management method, so as to make the enterprise meet its own requirements in production management and quality management, and make the product quality reach its due level. This kind of "copy" acquisition can save money for the enterprise and ensure the quality and delivery time. It is much faster than expanding the production scale

● the government will continue to increase its support for the automotive aftermarket industry. The Chinese government has always provided strong support for the development of the active automotive aftermarket, and the vigorous automotive consumption also provides unlimited business opportunities for the automotive aftermarket. So far, the automotive aftermarket has entered a high growth period. However, due to the traditional automobile consumption concept, the development of automobile aftermarket industry has been relatively slow, and the aftereffect is slightly insufficient. In order to better expand and strengthen the automobile industry and create a new cluster advantage in the automobile post market industry, the government allows automobile factories to choose PC or other plastics by themselves. The government also intends to actively guide and lengthen the automobile industry chain through policy support. Subsidies and preferential policies will be given to various domestic auto aftermarket exhibitions

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