Inflation of the hottest raw materials in the tire

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A staff member of Shanghai Aotai Trade Co., Ltd., the Shanghai distributor of Nanjing Jinhu tires, said that 3 The models of the equipment can be divided into digital display and microcomputer control. The price of most commonly used car varieties has increased by 15%, involving dozens of types

another dealer of Jinhu complained: "although Jinhu has raised its price, the sales situation after the price increase is not ideal. Last Saturday, someone from the company's headquarters held a dealer Symposium on poor sales. I estimate that they will carry out a big promotion in the next step."

Tan Yukun, Deputy Secretary General of tire branch of China Rubber Industry Association, said that the price of most truck and bus tires has been raised. Because the profit margin of car tyres is still relatively large, the action is not so obvious. "There are a lot of raw materials used for trucks and passenger cars, so it is impossible not to raise the price. It is worth noting that the price of natural rubber has not changed from January to May this year. In June, the price of natural rubber began to rise, rising by more than 1000 yuan per ton in almost one month, from the original 12000 yuan/ton to the current 16000 yuan/ton. This phenomenon has not been reflected in the production of car tires." With regard to the car tire market, which is now declining and rising, he believes that this will bring difficulties to both manufacturers and sellers

the price of raw materials has soared. Wuzhiwen said that now the oil price has reached a historical high, which makes the price of raw materials of tire rubber and other products rise like a somersault. Compared with the same period last year, cis-1,4-polybutadiene rubber in synthetic rubber increased by more than 30%, and the price of antioxidant in chemical additives increased by about 80% over the same period last year. The price of natural rubber is also gradually increasing due to the poor climate in the rubber producing area and other factors

according to Sinorgchem Co., Ltd., the largest antioxidant manufacturer in China, the price of model 4020 antioxidant products was about 38000 yuan/ton last year, and began to soar to 44000 yuan/ton in June this year, which has exceeded market expectations. "Now the piston and piston sleeve should be taken out and ground, ranging from 45000 yuan/ton to 46000 yuan/ton." Miss Wu from the Sales Department of the company told that the increase in the price of antioxidant was due to the 50% increase in aniline, the raw material of antioxidant, this year. The company predicts that the current rising trend of raw material prices will not be reversed in the short term and is expected to continue to affect the company's operations in the second half of the year

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