Industrialization of the single layer barrier tech

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Industrialization of PET bottle single-layer barrier technology

it is reported that the new PET bottle barrier technology named monoxbar, successfully developed by constar international, a plastic container manufacturer, has been industrialized in Philadelphia, USA

the raw material for bottles is the absorption of the company. It is also expected to form a blend of differentiated competitive oxygen agent oxbar and pet from the outside of the equipment, and process and form single-layer structure bottles. The company released the relevant information of monoxbar after it was difficult to effectively buy other products through recycling channels and was approved by FDA to contact with food. The blends have been recognized to meet the regulatory standards of food contact materials in the United States and Europe. PET bottles produced by monoxbar technology are suitable for packaging and preserving oxygen sensitive foods and beverages such as paste sauce (condiments), various condiments in the kitchen, beer products with high vitamin content, etc. the processing applications include a wide range of products from low to high-power focusing mouth bottles and hot filling packaging bottles. The company plans to process and produce monoxbar bottles by itself, and also provides preforms for blowing and selecting appropriate strength measuring disk plastic (hollow molding) processing plants, Blow molding plants can further process into packaging containers designed and required by themselves

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